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655 Highway Street Mountain View, WY 82939
Phone: (307)782-6693

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Maverik Country Store Inc is the owner and operator of network of convenient stores and gasoline stations in areas of Colorado, Arizona, Idaho, Nebraska, Nevada, Montana, Utah, Washington, Oregon, and Wyoming. The Maverik Country Stores Inc Company was founded in the year 1928 and has headquarters in Afton, Wyoming. The Maverik Country Stores Inc Company recently changed its name to Maverik Inc in August 2001. The Maverik Country Store Inc has nearly more than 250 store locations across 10 states of USA. Maverik Country Store Inc also provides products such as bundles, cinnamon rolls, sandwiches, burritos, frozen yogurts and more.

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  • By Chris Miller - Posted on: July 11, 2013

    Me and my wife always visit Maverik in St. George Utah. We buy our gas and few grocery items pretty much all the time. That all changed on 7/10/13. We walked into a very busy store. The store is located on Sunset and Dixie downs drive. The store was a mess. Bathrooms horrible. And a very frazzled cashier.When it was our turn to pay the phone kept ringing so the cashier answered the phone. And to my surprise the manager came out and screamed at her for answering the phone while at the register. In all my years I have never seen such abuse. Me and my wife were appalled at the treatment of this employee. The other times we have been in there this employee was always friendly and busy. If this is the kind of management Maverik employs well we shall not visit ever again. One question that bothers me, where was the manager and why was the store in such shambles? Truly is bothersome to see abuse. I gave the employee my cousins number who is an investigater of the Utah Labor and Industry Dept. And told her she should call him if corporate does nothing. But she was to terrified to even consider filing a complaint with Labor and Corporate, because she needed the job to badly. Sorry Maverik you lost me as a customer and quite a few of my friends and family.

  • By Jana Jeppson - Posted on: April 21, 2013

    I went to the Maverik Country store in West Jordan, UT and paid at the register with a cash card for gas. I paid 30.00 dollars and my tank only took 20.00. I went back into the store for change and was assured by the clerk that the 10.00 change would be refunded back onto my card. It never was. I have received nothing but the run around from the store and I have e-mailed the corporate offices , I have been ignored. I have spread the news of my distaste for Maverick blatently stealing my change among my family and friends ... loss of business from those around me may mean nothing to you, but I am sure I am not the only customer that has been treated with blatent disregard ...someday poor customer service will catch up to you.

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