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2929 Walker Ave. NW Grand Rapids, MI 49544
Phone: (616)453-6711

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Meijer Inc. is the regional hypermarket chain in America that has its corporate headquarters in the city of Walker in Michigan that is again situated in the Metropolitan area of Grand Rapids. This supermarket chain was initiated in the year 1934 that actually pioneered the supercenter concept that came to the fore in the year 1965. The company is now operating near about 200 stores and half of these stores are situated in Michigan. Other stores are located in Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. In the Forbes's List of "America's Largest Privately Owned Companies", the organization ranked #13. Another organization named Supermarket News ranked this company as No. 12.

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  • By Jack Pasch - Posted on: September 23, 2020

    Just wanted you to know I will no longer purchase items made in China. I will not support a communist country that wants to destroy America.

  • By anonymous - Posted on: September 18, 2020

    Went to shop at the store in Evergreen Park, IL on 9 15 20. My daughter wanted something in the electronics department and it was locked up. No one in the electronics department at 7 am so I found someone outside of this department and she got the item and told us we have to pay for it in the front. I was still shopping but ok so I told my daughter to check it out and I would meet her in the front. My daughter is special needs but can handle some things ok so I proceeded to check out in the self check out area and my daughter was waiting for me. I was informed no cash is accepted at self check out. So I go to a cashier line and Chaya my cashier was just looking at my money on the belt and looking at me. She told me I am supposed to hand the money to her hand (gloved) like all other customers. I said oh. Are you trying to fight with me? She said look at you you are something else. So after a few minutes I decided I did not want these items and i asked her to get a manager as I wanted a refund. She said you have to wait until 9 am. I said I want to see a manager and get a refund right now. The manager walked over and took me to the customer service area and apologized and I said why do you have someone as a cashier acting like that towards customers. Why is she still working after this incident. The manager Yolanda said she would have to speak with Chaya and get her side of the story. I asked for the corporate number and was given a number 708 499 9109 ext 611 and spoke to Tammy and she apologized and said she would look into it. I told her it seemed like a racial discrimination situation being that I was white and all the employees were black and poor customer service. Yolanda offered me a happiness card which was pretty funny. I told her how can I be happy after this terrible experience. She said it was for customers who have bad store experiences. I declined and I do think the happiness card is a terrible idea as it allows employees to give bad service and then the manager covers for their bad service with a little gift card. Yolanda did not let me fill out a complaint and security could have done that for me as well but this store is run poorly and I would never return to it as I would feel unsafe as well as having poor management to turn to if this something is wrong.

  • By Not-A-Happy-Camper - Posted on: August 6, 2013

    I shop mainly in the Rockford, Mi. store. This is a clean store. The hourly help is 100% friendly, courteous, helpfull, and genuinely concerned that you have a happy shopping experience. I can not say the same for management. They could really care less about your shopping experience as long as it does not directly affect their paycheck and yearly bonus. They give your concern a lot of lip service. They are only concerned about the stores bottom line, not your shopping experience. They pretend to care. Many employees have told me the same story about how their attitude changes in an employee store meeting. They talk a good story in public. (Just don't tell corporate). Last time I shopped there, I walked out in disgust without finishing my shopping. Fred Meijer didn't build his empire this way, and neither did Sam Walton. Corporate America sees only the bottom line. This is the direction corporate Meijers is taking.

  • By steve matala - Posted on: May 31, 2013

    I am an owner operator and deliver all over the country to many warehouses. The warehouse in detroit is the worst I have EVER been to. Drivers are talked down to--treated as second class citizens--as though we have no education-- basically like a dog sit--stay--good boy. No other companies warehouses are this bad. My family spends roughly $200 to 250 a week in meijer's stores well no more NEVER again. If this is how the private citizens who deliver the food to your warehouses are treated I would HATE to be an employee.

  • By Save mart - Posted on: May 31, 2013

    We need one in Modesto California soon

  • By Save mart - Posted on: April 23, 2013

    We need one in Modesto california

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