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2 Folsom St. San Francisco, CA 94105
Phone: (650)952-4400
Website: ww.oldnavy.gap.com

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An American store chain of clothing brand, Old Navy Inc is spread over majority of important locations in Canada and the United States. Gap Inc owns the store chain. Their corporate operations are carried on from San Bruno and San Francisco. Initially, the stores under this flagship were opened in the year 1994, in northern California. The company is one of the largest corporations that established its headquarters at the district of Mission Bay in San Francisco. There are innumerable stores under the flagship company that are situated in places like Seattle, the Mall of America and even in the New York. However, the largest store is situated in Mark Street in the region of San Francisco.

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  • By J A - Posted on: August 27, 2013

    My daughter and I were at the Old Navy on 441 and Glades Rd in Boca Raton Fl. This is the second time we were treated rudely and ungraciously by Nina the store manager. She refused to accept coupons from both RetailMeNot and Coupon Great which were on our phones as ---and I quote--- she said they could have been sent to us by "Joe Schmo! (The young man at check out tried so hard to be helpful but she obviously had the final say-so!) This is the only old Navy store where we have been treated so discourteously amd twice by the same manger. We left without merchandise and were extremely upset . I think Nina is a poor representation for your company particulary in a neighborhood store. I relayed this story to a local friend who said this same manager was also rude to her re another matter just a few weeks ago. We do not intend to shop Old Navy anymore based upon our very negative experiences. You need someone who can try to please customers, not alienate them . Perhaps a manager who smiles, looks clean-not slovenly would also be consideration. ( and clean fingernails are a plus too.)

  • By JA - Posted on: August 27, 2013

    I am resubmitting my review without naming names.. My daughter and I were in the Old Navy on 441 and Glades Rd in Boca Raton, Fl.. For the second time, and with the same store manager, we were treated rudely and ungraciously. She refused to accept the coupons on our phones from both RetailMeNot and CouponGreat which every other store accepts without issue. Her words to us were----How do I know they were not sent to you by Joe Schmo? She put us through a most unpleasant experience and we left without our merchandise . This very same store manger was also confrontational toward a friend of mine just a few weeks ago regarding another matter. This is a neighborhood store relatively new to the area, and this is not what I imagine Corporate had in mind for the local shoppers. I am sure you want a positive experience for your customers ----not to alienate them as she did. We will not shop Old Navy anymore unless we can be sure that we won't leave feeling so upset and hassled! There are so many pleasant, kind, and gracious people who could be an asset in managing this store and keeping your customers returning !

  • By JA - Posted on: August 27, 2013

    I wrote a comment today concerning the very rude actions toward my daughter and I at.the Old Navy store at the Boca Raton, Fl. location ( 441 and glades road). This was not only the first but the second time the store manger has been unaccomodatimg and downright nasty to us (and additionally was confrontational toward a close friend regarding another matter just a few weeks ago.) The manager refused to accept legitimate coupons presented to her on our phones from RetailMeNot and Great Coupons which your other establishments honor with utmost graciousness and without any issues. I am wondering why this relatively new location has such a negative representative at the helm. I am also wondering why no one from Old Navy will allow this information to be noted and posted. If this is indicative of your concern and interest in your customer base particularly in a new store, then I question why you dont mind losing 3 families of shoppers in the span of a few weeks due to one persons actions.

  • By Roe Amitrano - Posted on: July 17, 2013

    My daughter and I were planning to go to your dollar flip flop sale on June 29, 2013 and purchase 75 pairs for her upcoming wedding. On June 26 I broke my foot and on June 27th my daughter had surgery on her foot! I called your main number and spoke to a wonderful rep whose name I did not get I told her I had gone to your store at Tanger Outlets Deer Park the week before the sale to make sure I Could purchase this many flip flops. They told me I could but only five at a time. She put me on hold and called the manager at the Deer Park store The manager Jimmy arranged with her for us to come in bringing our hospital documents and to be able to get the flip flop sale. I can not tell you how wonderful the manager Jimmy was. He was patient, helpful, and caring. He had a smile on his face the entire time and could not do enough for us. I can not say enough about this Old Navy employee. Hold on to him, employees like this are hard to find!

  • By e - Posted on: May 3, 2013

    I wanted to buy over $ 200,-- worth of merchandise at the Old Navy Winchester store on Rochester Rd in Rochester Hills Michigan May 3rd 2013. I was waiting in line when the cashier to the left called for the next person in line. The people in front of me all belonged together and didn't make a move as they were already served. I stepped up to the open cashier, when two girls came from the other side to pay for a pair of flip-flops. After that the cashier turned to me and asked in a rude voice: "are you next in line?" I answered that no one else moved so I guess yes, she kept talking back, while nobody else approached or claimed to be next in line, in which case I would have let them go ahead. After a while I said: "well, if you don't want me here goodbye," leaving the merchandise at the counter. Later I called the store and talked to store manager Lea, who made up all kinds of excuses for the cashier, implying that I was the one who did something wrong. I told her I would never buy anything at her store or Old Navy again.

  • By Lina Cagle - Posted on: March 17, 2013

    Today I was in your Quaker Bridge Mall store in Princeton/Plainsboro NJ. I was in the back looking for clothes with my son who is a year and a half and he was in his stroller. One of your associates came by with a pallet of boxes piled up very high and almost hit my son with the pallet. If I did not move the stroller (which was right in front of me and I was holding on to the stroller) she would have hit my son. I called out to her to tell her this and she turned around and said "I didn't hit you" in a VERY NASTY and loud voice. I told her "not me, my son" and she continued walking away and said "well I didn't hit him" in the same NASTY and LOUD voice and she walked in the back. I was extremely upset. I found the manager on duty and she was very apologetic and did try to mend the situation. I hope this email gets to someone who can do something b/c you have an associate who is obviously disgruntle and did not care if they hit anyone, especially a child! I hope this employee gets reprimanded and learns how to have customer service. This incident occurred on 3/17/13 at apprx. 3:30pm. I did not get the associates name but she is an older woman, tall with short gray hair.

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