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Optical Fashion Center Corporate Office | Headquarters

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189 The Grove Drive Los Angeles, CA 90036
Phone: (323)932-1622
Website: www.optical-fashions.com

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Optical fashion center with its Corporate Office located in Los Angeles, California is in the business of testing eyes and selling spectacles. They have opticians who do eye-testing including contact exam and glass exam on scheduled appointments and sell all types of eye-wears -traditional, fashionable, for kids, ladies and old. The fashion center does testing through qualified Ophthalmologists using computer and other modern gadgets. Selling spectacles and sunglasses of all leading brands with authentication at affordable cost and undertaking repairs of frames, nose pads, glass holders including glass replacements are other services the fashion center extends to its customers. Even conversion of sunglasses to power glasses and vice versa is entertained. With limited staff, the center attends to customer needs in a regular fashion.

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