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4701 Old Shepard Place Plano, TX 75093
Phone: (972)673-1400

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Rug Doctor offers high performance cleaning alternatives at comparatively lower cost. They offer highly advanced machinery that comes in handy for offering professional cleaning experience related to hard floors, upholstery and even varieties of carpets. The company is highly reputed to manufacture convenient, powerful and compact machines for cleaning carpet through the technology of hot water extraction. They even offer a wide range of cleaning equipments - both machines and products. They even undertake servicing, sales and manufacturing of variety of machines used to clean carpets. The original company came up at Fresno, but was eventually relocated to Plano, at Texas in 1998.

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  • By AutoFill Cathy Bartelt - Posted on: September 18, 2013

    Bought the rug doctor mighty pro x 3. Stated holds 3 gallons of water. Barely holds 2 gallons Called customer Er service was pety much told they don't know what to tell us just the way it is Asked to speak with supervisor or manager was told none available to assist us. Was told it was CSR or no one pretty much. Called sales dept. Was told by them that the machine only holds around 2 gals and she didn't know why they won't change their advertisement. This is absolutely false advertisement. I bought you product so I didny have to refill so often. I wish I had never purchased your product. 475 dollars could have spent on better machine

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