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3021 Business Lane Las Vegas, NV 89501
Phone: (702)735-4444

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Superpawn is a reputed company involved to guarantee loans and several reputable transactions. However, at a later stage the company gained importance due to their distinct collection of jewelry and even jeweled-watches that included several brands like Rolex, Breitling and even Tag Heuer. The company was established in 1967. However, they are rendering service as a part of Cash America International, Inc from 2004. They dealt in unique diamond and gold jewelry. They even offer innumerable pre-owned merchandise, along with sporting goods, and several other electronic tools. However, the company offers distinct service from other pawn organizations through various schemes and guarantees.

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  • By sue - Posted on: September 19, 2013

    they lost paper work, they do not call you or send you an e-mail before they supper pawn take your jewely and sell it. they wont do they need a policy change so that they call the customer, send a letter saying according our paperwork your note is due what do you want us to do. Make sure that they do there job walk around the corner and watch them type it in the computer,take a video of the transaction even though i did my job went in thought they, putt it in the computer they told me i did not come in and pay more money to put my jewely on a longer hold so they just took it sold one pearl diamond ring, thank God i went in for the other note that day or they would have sold all my jewely , I had to buy it back though. I learned a had lesson, even though i got quick cash for the emergency that came up, these people really do not care they will sell your stuff, at there convenience and wont tell you that they are.

  • By susan - Posted on: May 7, 2013

    Super Pawn it a horrible place to do business with.They lost my business for good today,when the manager went back on an interest deal he made with me over the phone,for 3 tickets that were 4 days over the 90 day limit.As a result,it cost me 50 dollars extra to retriedve my items,and showed me how dishonest he is.There are many other places I can go if I decided to pawn again,but frankly,I would rather stand on a corner and hold up a sign for money,than be ripped off by pawn shops and their rediculous high interest rates.

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