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2500 East Kearney Street Springfield, MO 65803
Phone: (417)873-5900

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The Tracker Marine group is in to the field of manufacturing of recreational as well as fishing boats. The company was founded in the year 1978 by Johnny Morris, also the founder of Bass Pro Shops. The Tracker Marine is owned by the Bass Pro Shops today. The Tracker Marine has manufactured more than 450,000 boats as of today. They own several brands under which their products are sold. Some of the well known brands are tracker boats, nitro, tahoe, grizzly, sun tracker and mako. Their growth is organic as well as inorganic as they also acquired other boat brands since their inception.

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  • By Russell Brunes - Posted on: September 21, 2020

    I have been working with my dealer on a 800 crew Le that we orders almost a month ago. The dealership has been trying to find out where the UTV is and No one has contacted them about where or when it will be coming. The dealership called last week saying that the color we ordered will not be in until the 1st quarter? I know things are hard with the Covid. Because of the color not coming in they offered a Camo. I have been calling to find out the same thing (is it coming in and when) I called corporate and I had the worst person on the other line! (Tracker marine hq.) she should NOT answer phone calls! (she said I was being nasty? on the phone? She repeated that it was the dealer that should get a hold of them. IT IS BAD WHEN A CUSTOMER CALLS CORPORATE AND GETS TREATD LIKE THIS!!!!

  • By Rita - Posted on: August 24, 2013

    The Tracker Service Center on Campbell and Sunset, the manager (Jason) is very rude. Went in there to explain to him that the trailer was dragged and had flat spotted the tires on the trailer. He just informed me that there is no way that could have happened. Also stated that they have several tires in their back lot that look just like the pictures that I showed him of our tires and that is due to a bad axle. Tried to explained to him that the axle was check at the time of service but did not want to listen. Told us to go to the sales manger at the main store. Spoke to Jason Baker and he basically said the same thing and did not want to listen to what I had to say. I informed him that I will never take the boat in there again for service and he said OK. I would think that a manager would at least be more pleasant and care more about his customer. Needless to say I will never buy another Track boat again.

  • By antohny johnson - Posted on: August 10, 2013

    Tracker Marine, LLC 2500 E. Kearney St. Springfield, MO 65898 (417) 873-5900 To Whom It May Concern: The purpose of this letter is to formally complain regarding my customer service experience at one of your Bass Pro Shop Tracker Marine stores. Throughout this formal complaint I will be addressing the unethical practices conducted by the store employees, I will be sharing the terrible customer experience, and I will also express my concern that my return was refused without cause for the incorrect fitting parts. I would like a refund in the amount of $758.84 First and foremost, I would like to establish that my wife and I have spent over $30,000.00 in your store between May 2013 and the present day. We are loyal customers, are part of the VIP club, purchase all of out boating needs from your store, and have referred our friends and family. On May 28, 2013 I delivered my boat to the Bass Pro Shop Tracker Marine Store in Mesa, Arizona for repairs. I asked for an estimate for the repairs that were required to be done to the rails and panels of the boat. I spoke with Jerry Westin regarding the repairs. Jerry advised me that the rails and panels of the boat would need to be replaced due to the extent of the damage. Jerry stated he would provide an estimate regarding the repairs. I left the boat at the store for the repair estimate to be completed. On 06/04/2013, I received a partial estimate regarding the repairs and parts. On 06/25/2013, I received the remaining estimate for the parts that were not available during the first estimate. Jerry Weston advised that tracker Marine was on back order due to the volume of requests for repairs during the boating season and it would take a few weeks to receive the parts. At the end of July 2013, I received a phone call stating the parts had been received but there was no estimated time of completion for the repairs to be completed. This meant that there was a 2 month wait for the parts and repairs. The two month waiting period to receive the parts I accepted and understood because it was explained properly during the beginning of the process. I did not have an issue with the wait because I was able to use my boat during the waiting period. Manager Bob Spivey advised me that I would be able to take the boat out when I wanted to but to return the boat after each use to maintain my place in line for the repairs. I returned the boat after each use so I would not lose my place in line for the repairs. During the early stages and throughout the waiting process, Bob Spivey advised me that when the parts came in it would take a few days to repair the boat. As agreed, I returned the boat to the store to maintain my place in line. The parts were received and stored in the store for ten days prior to any repairs being done. At that time my wife and I decided to take the boat to a different store to be repaired since the parts were in for ten days without any repairs being started. Jerry stated that he did not know when the boat was going to be repaired because Bob was out and Bob made the final decision. It was frustrating to wait two months for the parts to arrive then it was more frustrating to wait another ten days knowing the parts were in the store with no action being taken. My wife and I felt as if we were filled with empty promises and inaccurate information. I was informed that the service department was short staff due to some mechanics that had scheduled vacation or other mechanics that were out sick. I can understand people have scheduled vacation or get sick time to time, I empathetic about that. However, there is a point where the lies and false promises become too much that from a consume stand point it is important to address concerns and frustrations, which is why my wife and I choose to take our boat and the parts to another service department. On 07/31/2013, I purchased the parts needed to repair the boat; the total repair cost was $2,037.32. I delivered the boat and parts to a different shop to have the repairs completed. On 08/05/2013, the alternative repair shop began the repairs, but came across the issue that the new right rail and panel was not the correct parts. The incorrect fitting parts became known when the new parts physically would not fit in place of the existing parts. The new part was 2 ½ inches shorter than the old part and the curve of the rail was shorter than the curve in the old part. On 08/05/2013, I immediately contacted Bass Pro Shop Tracker Marine of Mesa, Arizona and spoke with Jerry Weston regarding the quality of the parts and the issue. I also e-mailed pictures for proof that the parts did not physically fit. When I spoke with Jerry Weston he advised me that he would review the order, but to bring the parts that did not fit back to the store for a refund and to order the correct parts. On 08/06/2013, I delivered the parts back to the store for a return and to order the correct parts. Bob Spivey and Chad Schimmel, managers of Tracker Marine, advised me that the part numbers verified that they were the correct part number for the boat and the parts were not returnable. I explained to them that the parts did not fit and the parts were of poor quality. I requested a refund for the cost of the incorrect fitting parts but they stated they would have to have proof. I reminded them that I had proof because I took pictures of this issue, which verified that the parts physically did not fit. Chad and Bob made up another excuse they their mechanics would need to determine the parts were incorrect and that they would not take my word that I was telling the trust. Bob and Chad repeatedly stated that they were not going to return any of the incorrect fitting parts and they would not order the correct fitting parts without any reasoning behind their decision. They refused to show me a return policy or an exchange policy. The two managers refused to work with me regarding my return or to place the correct order for the correct fitting parts. I asked for a return policy but was advised that they do not have a return policy and could not generate anything in writing regarding the return policy stating the return could not processed. I was not informed at any time that I could not return the parts or exchange the parts. The receipt provided at the time of purchase does not explain the return policy and does not state the parts could not be returned. The representatives I worked with in the service department were Bob Spivey, Chad Schimmel, Jerry Weston, and Michael Perez. The representatives listed in this letter could not generate any document in writing as to why they could not return the incorrect fitting parts. The representatives could not provide proof that they could deny my return and could not provide me a reason for them denying the return. The exact words from Chad Schimmel, Marine Manager, “I am not going to return the parts, they are not returnable and I do not have a return policy, but we will not return or exchange the parts.” Based on state and federal laws, Bass Pro Shop Tracker Marine of Mesa Arizona is breaking multiple laws by not adhering to the ethical practices and operating standards set before them. The store is in violation of customer return/exchange policy, falsifying operational information, and inaccurately denying a refund without cause per Arizona State and Federal Regulations. In conclusion, the intent of this letter is to ask for help, explain and share my customer experience with your company as well as to express my concerns for the return for the parts that do not physically fit. The part number’s in question are as follows: 162645R $479.03, 162439 $215.59, and 162441 $7.38, tax 8.05% for a total of $758.84. I would like this refunded to me as soon as possible due to the incorrect fitting parts, poor quality, and terrible customer service, as well as falsifying operational information. Bass Pro Shop Tracker Marine of Mesa, Arizona has taken possession of the incorrect parts, but has refused to refund the purchase price. I received a call from Tracker Marine Headquarters, I spoke with a woman named Shelly but she stated Tracker Marine will not refund the purchase price for the incorrect parts. I will notify social media such as facebook and Twitter and will contact the local news in the valley to express my concerns and experience. It is important that this experience is shared with the Tracker Marine headquarters and anyone else that shops at your stores. If this is the type of customer experience or treatment that people can expect to receive from the employees employed by your stores then it is neither professional nor ethical. Furthermore, Bass Pro Shop Tracker Marine is operating under unethical practices. I would like a refund processed immediately. Candidly, Anthony A. Johnson, MBA

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