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601 North Lamar Boulevard Suite 300 Austin, TX 78703
Phone: (512)477-4455
Website: www.wholefoodsmarket.com

Company Overview

Whole Foods Market, Inc is a leading natural and organic foods supplier and one of the USA largest natural foods supermarkets. Whole Foods Market was started in 1980 the Clarksville Natural Grocery owners, Mark Skiles and Craig Weller joined together with Renee Lawson Hardy and John Mackey, the Safer Way Natural Foods owners. With very few natural foods supermarkets at that time, Whole Foods Market became an instant hit and it started expanding very fast. The company has grown tremendously through acquisition and mergers. Some of the companies under Whole Foods Markets include: Whole Food Company, Bread & Circus, Fresh Fields, Food for Thought, Bread of Life and Select Fish.

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  • By ------------------------- - Posted on: June 25, 2013

    bad experience westwood california store

  • By Karen - Posted on: May 17, 2013

    When visiting your store (Quarry Market in San Antonio) on 16 May at about 7:00pm, my Daughter & I were treated extremely rudely by 2 employees, a woman named Davie & a man named Phillipp. They were more than helpful to many non-minority shoppers in the vicinity! We walked around about 20 minutes searching for a long list of items. We clearly couldn't find many items! I intentionally walked by Davie with my list out & my finger scanning item by item, when she yelled to a non-minority couple (@ the end of the aisle) "can I help you find something"? We Kept searching in the same aisle, going item by item; when Davie finally said in (a rude tone) "do you need help"? My Daughter said I'm looking for vitamin E. Davie's reply was "you're there" then she walked off without showing us exactly where the item was! The man Phillipp kept looking at us & hurrying away. Needless to say we left the dozen or so items in the cart & left your store without making a purchase! There were 2 other minority shoppers that I noticed being ignored by the same 2 employees! These 2 employees are in serious need of Sensitivity Training! I seriously doubt that I will return to your store any time soon, if at all!

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