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11201 Renner Blvd. Lenexa, KS 66219
Phone: (913)890-0100
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Applebee's is a company, which deals in restaurant chain and it develop, operates as well as franchises restaurant chain. It offers casual dining set up in its chain of restaurants located at different locations and headquarters situated at in Lenexa, Kansas. It serves many American dishes including shrimp, salads, pasta, and chicken coupled with alcoholic drinks at its featured bar area in all the restaurants operated by the company. The restaurant chain opens late at night and offer take back lunch offer, in which customers can select from different items, included in the menu and can take back the lunch to their home.

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There are currently 28 consumer reviews about Applebees available. Share your review.

  • By bruce & chris - Posted on: May 29, 2013

    We anticipated a good dinner after ordering from the delicious looking pictures on the menu. This Applebees is in Montrose, colorado. bruce ordered a sirloin and shrimp, medium well. I ordered a sirloin on top of onions, medium rare. When we got the food the so-called sirloin was a quarter inch on one end and half on the other. My steak was NOT a sirloin cut. It was a flank steak and was medium well and tough as shoe leather. Bruce's steak was well done and also very tough. The hostess and waitress acted as if they were doing us a big favor to wait on us. It seems to us in reading all the comments that corporate Applebees doesn't really care about quality or service. They won't stay in business that way.

  • By Kateri Stevens - Posted on: April 7, 2013

    Never go to Gainesville Florida Applebees. The staff is sloppy dressed, they would rather watch the games on TV than take care of their customers. The waitress we had looked like she had just gotten out of bed and came to work. The manager was even watching the game on TV and not even noticing his staff wasn't doing their job. One waitress took our order, another came and said she was our waitress, and when the food came it was cold. The "herb potatoes" had no herb, they were just plain with nothing, the steamed veggies were even cold in the middle, I tried to cut a carrot with the steak knife and the end of it flew off the plate, RAW. Nasty place, sorry help, and bad cooks.

  • By sonja - Posted on: April 23, 2013

    Been there many times, but today the Drinking Glasses were filthy! When I mentioned to the Manager she gave me a long story about hard water. The water was never hard before and the filth came off with a wet paper napkin, which doesn't work with hard water stains. If the dishwasher doesn't work right, you could always hand wash the glasses! Wonder if the Health Department has been there recently!!!!

  • By GF - Posted on: April 10, 2013

    Did you know at Raytown Mo Applebees - that after 9pm they will not serve anyone in the age group of 6-20??? They claim if the child is 5 & under with a parent they will be served. If I came to the restaurant with my 11 yr old & 18 yr old exchange student I would be served & allowed in, but they would not be!!! My 22 yr old was refused service because he had our exchange student with him who is 18 & it was 9:50pm. My son called me from the Restaurant off his cell phone & he was calm, but the manager was not. I asked to talk to the manager who would not get on the phone. I called the store & asked if I came up to the store can they be served food & she said no. So it amazes me how 2 people can undergo background checks & be guardians to a child from another country & then because it is 9:50pm at nite not be served. Does anyone know of this law? Applebees said that Raytown Police developed this law. Raytown Police said they did not develop this law that Applebees is tired of teens acting up after 9pm. I think the staff needs to do a better job with handling these issues .. Disappointed in Applebees once again. It is bad enough that their service stinks, & food quality at times is poor, but come on.

  • By Mr Jines - Posted on: March 8, 2013

    Applebees Douglasville Georgia 30135 Very Worst Applebees I have ever been to Went twice after first time decided to give it another shot Nastiest Bathrooms I have ever seen in a Restaurant Very Very Bad and slow service overall mood of staff was terrible ...

  • By Darryl - Posted on: March 28, 2013

    Worst AppleBees on Rittenberg Blvd. in Charleston, Sc. I am very disappointed because AppleBee's happened to be my favorite restaurant. The service there is very slow, my Piña Colada was watery. I sent it back and the bartender took 15 minutes making me another one. My order was incorrect twice, and the waiter was very slow and Ms. Kaylin, the manager would not accommodate me for the bad service. I will never patronize AppleBee's again.

  • By Geo - Posted on: March 22, 2013

    Applebee's in Gresham, Oregon is a place where we have often dined. This place used to be my favorite place to eat. Recently, we have been to this location an average of twice per month. Never again. The staff appears to be unhappy and in a hurry to get us in and out. Our meals have consisted of appetizers, salads, and a main entree. The food all comes out at once, which is a horrible practice! This experience happened once or twice, and we thought it was just bad luck. So we tried again and again. It has happened every time for the last five times we have been there. We are choosing another establishment where we would feel more comfortable and less rushed.

  • By lynn s - Posted on: March 15, 2013

    Applebee's, Cathcart Way in Mill Creek is great. The wait staff is top rate. We will continue to visit this one. Thanks for great service and the friendliness.

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