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1 W Silverdome Industrial Park Pontiac, MI 48343
Phone: (248)232-3317

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ABC Warehouse is a customer electronics company located in Pontiac, Michigan. It was established by Gordon Hartunian ,in 1964 and manages over 58 retail stores in Ohio, Indiana and Michigan. The retail store chain manages Mickey Shorr electronics stores. During 1980s, ABC Warehouse utilized Ernest P. Worrell in its TV promotion. General Electric signed a fiscal agreement with the retail store chain. ABC Warehouse makes use of No Frills warehouse approach in vending domestic devices, electronics, TVs and computers. ABC Warehouse is well known for The closest thing to wholesale pricing. ABC has developed to become the biggest domestic device or electronics dealer in the locale.

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  • By Teresa calkins - Posted on: September 21, 2020

    Invoice and b50514 left wrappings and old fridge n stoll a rock decor that was my grandmothers

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