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551 5th Ave.,Ste. 300 New York, NY 10176
Phone: (212)297-0200
Website: www.abm.com

Company Overview

ABM commercially known as ABM industries incorporated, is one of the largest facility management service providers. The company specializes in offering building maintenance and construction services at considerable rate. The professionals offer multiple maintenance services within one contract. Building construction and maintenance services are being provided in national, regional and local areas. Building maintenance services being provided by the company include janitorial services, electrical testing, transportation and parking services, clinical engineering, mechanical and HVAC and other similar services. Record says that ABM is offering all these services since last 100 years approximately. ABM services are now also available in approximately 20 international locations.

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  • By John King - Posted on: September 11, 2013

    Working for a company that this company owns, you had better make sure you have money set aside, and check your pay stub on pay days to see if your check is correct. If it isn't and the error is brought to a supervisors attention, you will still have to keep bring your issue up time and time again to have it corrected. Don't think that you bring up your issue one time will correct it. This I have seen for myself first hand. Also trying to get in contact with the CEO of this company, you will have and easier time booking a flight to Mars.

  • By kevin longendyke - Posted on: August 9, 2013

    Worked for abm janitorial cleaning the plant in McConnelsville Ohio from July 17th to August.tHIS IS August 9 and still haven't got a paycheck.Called every office and nobody can give me any information.Guess Ill be going to small claims court.

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