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500 E. Pratt St.,Ste. 1400 Baltimore, MD 21202
Phone: (410)951-4800
Website: www.fticonsulting.com

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FTI Consulting, Inc is a multidisciplinary business advisory company operating globally in 5 primary practice fields such as economic consulting, litigation consulting, corporate finance or restructuring, strategic communications and technology. It sells services of financing, credit issues and indebtedness, forensic accounting and litigation matters, bankruptcy, restructuring, antitrust and competition matters, mergers and acquisitions and lots more. FTI offers services of regulatory, financial, economical as well as business opportunities. It has been founded in 1982 by Dan Luczak. It has over 3,700 employees in 24 economies across 6 continents. According to 2010 report, the company has generated $1.4 billion. Mr. Jack Dunn is the President cum CEO of the company currently.

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