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107 Hampton Road Ste 200 Clearwater, FL 33759
Phone: (727)725-2551
Website: www.hooters.com

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Hooters Restaurants is a trade name of two chain restaurants based in America, the Hooters of America Inc. which is bases in Atlanta Georgia and the Hooters Inc. which is based in Clearwater Florida. The company was founded in the year 1983 in Clearwater Florida by six businessmen. The company is very famous for the hooters Girls, the waitress who are employed by the company wearing revealing outfits. It provides foods services for its customers through the 455 locations that it has. Some of the products it offers include seafood, burgers, Full bar and chicken wings. The company is based in Atlanta in Georgia, USA.

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  • By Marci - Posted on: March 7, 2013

    This an email i sent to Regional manager regarding a GM at the Spring location in Houstont Tx Matt, Ok well i will now just send my complaint via email so that i can attatch this conversation to my complaint i intend to send to corporate office if nothing is resolved!!!! Saturday evening March 2 2013 my husband and a friend of his returned home from work around 8:30pm..... I didnt make dinner as my husband was planning to take me and our son out to get something to eat. So he quickly took a shower and we decided since hooters stays open till midnight we might as well just go there....He decided that specific location because he worked at the Barneys across the street for some years... and never had any problems are complaints about it so why not..? Might i add...i am 24yrs old my husband is 25 and his friend that was with us that night will be 25 in may....just putting our ages out there so you as well will not take us to be some young bucks who don't know anything..? So anyways, we arrived at about 10pm...sat down and our waitress Jessica introduces herself and ask to start us off with drinks...i asked for a Beer...my husband asked for one and his friend asked for one as well ...she then asked for all our ID#'s me and our husband had ours but since we were in a rush to make sure we would be able to make it somewhere to eat my husbands Friend forgot to grab his he told the waitress he apologizes but he forgot his ID....she told him she was sorry but she couldn't serve him and that was understandable.. so me and my husband ordered a shot each...i asked for yager straight...my husband asked for a shot of presidente....Jessica brought us our shots....i didn't want to take mine because again we hadn't ate dinner and im not going to drink on an empty stomach..so i decided to wait for my pickle chips to arrive...which seemed like there were never going to come....and cant tell you how many time Jessica came to the table to see if we had taken our shots...and having Carry standing at the bar watching us like hawks was honestly uncomfortable...!!!!!!! So pickle chips finally arrive after 15-20 mins so i take a sip of my shot so does my husband he looked at his glass and was like wth ? He asked for a presidente shot...straight..well he was served what seemed to be a sort of "mixed drink" so he told Jessica she apologized and said she would get him another one...he asked well hold on your not gong to try and charge me again right..? he said i know i drank out of it but i had to taste it right..? She said no she would just get him another one...he said OK thank you....well she comes back with the glass and was like my manager said i couldnt...since you already drank out of it..? he told her well how else was he suppose to know that it wasnt what he ordered..? So he then went to Carry who had been still standing at the bar hoovering over us...??? well he explained that he just wanted what it is that he ordered..? Didn't feel he should be charged as that was Jessica's mistake..? So Carry went ahead and decided to give my husband another shot....well i was getting frustrated already as the Hooter girls were all standing at the bar with carry and were being very Loud i literally had to talk louder so that my husband can hear what it is that i was saying.. Out of nowhere i hear my husbands friend just slam his cup down and was beyond pissed...he was almost done drinking his Dr.pepper when he noticed something floating at the bottom....he swished it around so it could be more visable and it was a wrapper piece to like a wet wipe...?? How fucking disgusting is that..?????? He then called Jessica and showed her what he just discovered in his drink that she served...she made a face and said omg i am so sorry...he hesitated for a minute and was like hold on im not sure what i want to do yet...he decided he had a long day of work he was tired...he wanted to just eat and go home...he didnt want to be an asshole.which now he regrets he didnt cause he could of took a picture...put it on facebook...twitter...sent it to corporate but no he didnt..so he just said ok get me another drink...so the shot that carry had re-served was brought to my table...carry was still surrounded by all the hooters girls and wasn't paying any mind....i couldn't even see him anymore...and again our table was righ in fron of the bar..!!! So my husbands frined then grabbed the shot and took it...it wasnt served to him...no...it wasn't his no...but he is grown...im pretty sure he is going to do what he wants..? So then Jessica seen him take the shot NOT CARRY again my eyes were on him..cause i was so tired of hearing these dam girls being obnoxiously loud just giggling.... so then jessica grabs the shot glass and runs to carry...but i can re-assure you she NEVER went and told carry that she just served a customer a drink that had something floating in it..?!!!! But she was quick to run and tell why to save his ass....so Carry then comes to our table and says hey man i just seen you take that shot why did you take that shot..?? I HATE liars !!!!!! So i said no you didnt you were to busy talking to all those girls you werent even paying attention...Jessica went to tell you...So my husbands friend was telling him man i know you are not going to come to me about taking no shot after i just found something in my drink...he then started asking him what was his occupation was and did he know that he could loose his liquor liscence and yada yada....he said again i seen you take that shot...and i said again no you did not...he turned to me and said who is talking to you????? my husband stood up and said hold on man dont talk to my wife like that..? So carry of course was putting on a show for the cameras didnt want to get out of character he said well the camera seen you take that shot...and i said well the camera seen you as well...My husbands friend was so upset he said man lets go dont even pay for this...carry said if you dont pay for it i will call the cops..? He said really call em so i can tell them that i found something in my drink...which then makes us think well what else was in our food that we didnt know about..???? How unsanitary is this location...i then stopped myself and said we have our 4 yr old son he doesnt need to be in this comotion...i told my husband just pay... this will be reported...how dare carry try to speak to me that way..? But appartenly the truth hurts since i was basically telling him he wasnt doing his job..someone else was looking out for him...which she is pretty stupid cause now she just ratted herself out..?? But they wanted to make a big deal about someone who is of age...that if the cops were to come they could of easliy ran his name seen that he is 24yrs old and would of most likely just asked us to leave..? But to make a big deal....make us pay for a meal....after something was found in a drink that we did not make a big deal about wel...guess what two can play this game...i am going to make a big deal of it because if it were a HEALTH INSPECTOR im pretty sure itd be a big deal..!! You need to re-evaulate who you hire? Make sure that all your staff follow the sanitation policy accuratley and accordinliy ? And asnwer me this.....If Jessica did in fact tell Carry that something was found in our drink why didnt he approach us and applogize..? So clearly she didnt..? Why ? Then to add....she charged us on our ticket for a beer that we never got...and then added his friends meal on our ticket and still gave his frined a seperate ticket ??? DOUBLE CHARGEING???? And for her to walk back and forth giggling and commenting to Carry about something else while we were all standing their waiting for her to correct our Tk's...?? So it just shows they didnt care...they just wanted us to pay and get the hell out of there...NOT once did Carry ever appologize for the drink he just told my husbands friend well you had to do was ask for another drink...????? REALLY thats all you had to say..??? So tell me Matt..? Did we deserve to be treated that way....?? Was Carry in the wrong..?

  • By ...... - Posted on: October 29, 2014

    it is extremly offensive that this company that claims to be a family resturant has tjese horrific bikini shows where old men are gawking at young girl prancing around in next to nothing size bikinis that most of the time would be considered thongs. Your stores do not charge cover fees or have age restrictions meaning vertually anyone of any age can come in and watch these girls be pit on display. Seondly it is disgusting that you allow people to take pictures of these poor girls in these outfits for them to now post on social networks and to keep for there own private veiwimg.. You say you are all about family service, well do my family a service and stop these bikini shows NOW

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