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2500 E. Kearney Springfield, MO 65898
Phone: (417)873-5000

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Bras Pro Shops Inc. is a privately owned company in the US that offers retail services for camping, fishing, hunting and similar other recreation merchandise (outdoor). The shop is popular across the world for providing wide collection of fishing and hunting retail services for the merchandises. John. L. Morris established this company in the year 1972. Headquarter of this organization is in Springfield, Missouri. James Hagale is the President and CEO of the organization who is popularly known as Jim. According to 2011 record, near about 18,000 full-time employees are working in this organization. The company earns revenue of 3.83 billion US dollars per year approximately.

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  • By Dan Keil - Posted on: August 4, 2013

    Wish I could rate a zero. I was in your Columbia Missouri store today to buy a 22lr revolver, after the paper work was complete your store employee informed me the gun was defective. I ask why and he said the cylinder would not close. He brought the gun out for me to look at, the cylinder closed fine. However he said it would not rotate, I informed him in order to rotate the cylinder the trigger lock would need to be removed. Well you would have though the world had ended, he would not remove the lock I'm sure that is some "stupid" corporate policy. Needless to say you lost a gun sale and all future sales for me.

  • By Tanalyn Dollar - Posted on: August 27, 2013

    During a visit at the St Charles, MO store my husband and I came across a persistently friendly sales associate with Outdoor Travel. He offered us a free hotel stay in Branson to take a 2 hr tour of a timeshare. We put up $99 on our credit card which we would get back the $99 in Bass Pro Gift cards we could use anytime. We were very reluctant, however, because Bass Pro has such a strong reputation, and we were going to the area to visit our daughter, we decided to check it out. Three things went wrong from the time we booked the hotel: 1. we weren't told when we arrive we can't check in until 4pm 2. the presentation is not at the Radisson hotel, it's a 30 mile round trip from the hotel and back. Not a big deal but something the consumer needs to know. 3. the hotel will debit our bank account $100 and hold on to it for 3 days after we check out!!! We will get a refund after 'things check out'. After about 30 minutes on the phone with Outdoor Travel learning about the details we were not told by the sale rep, we're very leary. Still planning to go, however, I don't recommend Outdoor Travel because these details were not disclosed. Bass Pro needs to make this them clean up their act or pull them out of the stores. Not good for your brand name!!

  • By Kris Engelmeyer - Posted on: July 26, 2013

    I recently went to the St. Charles location and was absolutely upset about the service in the rifle and hand gun department. I had a question for the sales associate and waited nearly an hour before I was assisted while waiting I notice that all five associates where watching over one associate p utting on a scope while I waited patently for assistance and was yet let down by his knowledge maybe you should not hire people who worked in shops where they sat around talking and doing anything. Maybe they should be seeing new products and learning what's on the shelfs and assisting customers

  • By koko - Posted on: April 28, 2013

    My husband and I went to your store in Altoona, IA and we wanted to exchange a fishing pole he bought at your store in Denver for a different fishing pole. We could not find the receipt and your customer service person refused to exchange it for a different fishing pole. So she went to get a manager and they tried to look it up on your system with our credit card but they did not find the item. So I told them that we bought it from Basspro shop in Denver and the lady and the manager said they could not look it that your system is connected. So we asked them to call the store in Denver to look up the receipt and the lady was rude and said " NO YOU HAVE TO CALL THE STORE IN DENVER AND TELL THEM TO MAIL YOU THE RECEIPT" I was surprised at the poor service we got. we are the customer and we should not be the one calling another to look up a receipt. The customer service lady and the manager should be the people to call up the store in Denver. Also, we have never had this problem with any of your stores across the country except with this one Altoona, IA. All we wanted to do was to exchange it for another fishing pole. We did not ask for a cash refund. They refused to exchange the fishing pole for us. Just because we did not have a receipt even though the fishing pole was in a perfect condition. I also surprised because your competition (Cabelo) have an awesome return policy and customer service. I don't think we will be shopping at Bass Pros shop any more because of the awful customer service experience we had. I am a manager at a big departmental store and I know that we always do everything to make our customers happy and help them out. But I guess you guys are not in business to make your customer happy and you don't realize that the reason you guys are open is because of your customer. I am very disappointed and will tell all our family and friends about the terrible experience we had.

  • By Michael Griffin - Posted on: April 15, 2013

    Bass Pro is overall a great company. I came here to comment on the Members Only Rewards Newsletter I recently received. C'mon Bass Pro, you are better than that. This thing reminds me of the countless blogs covering up the internet where people with no real experience do no real research before pretending to be "experts" and spouting out dribble. The biggest affront- the article on camping. Now, I don't expect much in this little advertising brochure masquerading ad news, but this article is an insult. The author describes camping 30 years ago like it was the 1700's, I did a lot of camping even more than 30 years ago. We had some pretty high tech gear, freeze dried food, quality gear etc. And contrary to this author's belief, there were thousands of campsites all around the world with electrical hook-ups, showers and baths, etc. Really, Bass Pro how can you be one of the major outdoor recreation suppliers in the world and pass off this drivel as worthy of being important information for your "Preferred Rewards customers. I really feel insulted.

  • By E - Posted on: February 20, 2013


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