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400 S. Tryon St.,Ste. 1300 Charlotte, NC 28285
Phone: (980)321-6000

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Crescent Communities, LLC is a trusted company offering real estate services since 1969. They provide services in purchasing and selling of properties usually for residential and commercial purposes. Their portfolio includes successful residential projects in 50 single-family and 15 multi-family communities. They even deal with commercial projects including shopping centers, business centers and industrial parks. They have completed projects in 25 million square feet commercial place and 60,000 acres of lands so far across Texas, Arizona, Florida, South and North Carolina, the Southeast and many other places of the nation. Crescent Communities has now become one of the leading companies of the nation with an asset of nearly $ 1 billion. David Muenks recently has been appointed as the Senor Development Manager for Palmetto Bluff.

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