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2481 Manana Dr. Dallas, TX 75220
Phone: (214)357-9588
Website: www.daveandbusters.com

Company Overview

Dave Busters Inc deals in entertainment and restaurant business. With its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, this company now operates in 59 locations in U.S. The menu served at the restaurants includes burgers, pastas, seafood, steaks, desserts, and chicken items as well. Special event buffets as well as private parties are also available. As far as entertainment is concerned, these locations offers high-tech entertainment and conventional games. It offers exclusive games to attract more customers and to retain the existing ones. Ticket redemption games are also on offer.

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  • By Chanel - Posted on: June 29, 2013

    I am writing because just about every day i see you add on the tv for your place the only thing is the closest one is about 12 hours away which i think is kind of crummy. I would think that with as big as you are and yes i know that your main places are farther north you might would consider one in New Orleans.

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