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Dollar General Corporation is a discount retailer, which offers products from a variety of brands at a discounted brand to make the products more affordable and make them available for customers at convenient locations. With its corporate office and headquarters located in Goodlettsville TN, this company offer products from different and top brands, which include Unilever, General Mills, Kimberly Clark, Procter & Gamble, and Nabisco. It offers products through stores situated across forty stores and eleven distribution centers. This company is categorized under the head of variety stores. The company mainly deals in food items, household, apparel and accessories, health and beauty products, and seasonal products.

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  • By Mystery shopper - Posted on: September 9, 2013

    Just a BIG note. The DG in Wolfforth, Texas is in sad disarray. The store has been understaffed for a very long time. The store looks like a giant flea market. Everywhere you look, it's a mess. There is stock waiting to be put up, left on carts up and down the aisles. The restroom barely works, there's only 3-4 people that work there, I asked one gentleman and he said, the office had to send someone in to put up stock and all they did was fill the risers. How sad. They've had to close early because they are so understaffed. It is such a shame for this to be like this. The Dollar General is in a good location, but the shelves are getting bare....I really think OSHA should be called in to inspect it. The health department should also be notified. Workers are getting sick. I told one of the guys there that the store needed to be closed for a week. Cleaned thoroughly, restocked, clearance out the outdated seasonal stock, hire more people...and maybe even work overnight to fix the store back up.... he said he asked, the office said NO, he also asked if they could stop deliveries of freight, They said NO. What is wrong with you people???? You have a good business going on, why not take care of it??? Maybe you should just sell it. Yep. OSHA NEEDS TO BE NOTIFIED, IT IS A HAZARD FOR THE CUSTOMERS & WORKERS....SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!

  • By Kathy osborne - Posted on: September 7, 2013

    I have been so happy that Family Dollar put a store in my neighborhood of lone oak, kentucky on lone oak road. I use to trade at the dollar general until it became so dirty and trashy it is an insult to our area. They never clean or pick up anything, inside or out. Sticky stuff stuck to floors, that lay there for months in these spot, employees have the I don't give crap it's just a job attitude. You can never get down most of the isles for baskets of stuff in the way. But mostly it is nasty dirty. I don't understand how you can not do something about it, the front door is always broken and tiles all over the store Are missing. I live a half mile down from it but will drive two miles to go the family dollar where things are spotless and organized. Everyone complains to te manager (s) but nothing changes. I will say that the dollar general off the belt line on the south side of town is organized and clean. Clean up lone oak

  • By Rob Ric - Posted on: September 7, 2013

    Customers in Gurdon, AR deserve to have 2 checkouts open on Saturdays. When Family Dollar opens soon I'm sure 1 will be enough. A lot of us are disgusted with your service.

  • By can't take it - Posted on: September 5, 2013

    The Flagler Beach,Florida store has one of the worst cashiers I have ever dealt with in my life! Rhonda is more concerned with having lengthy conversations about personal issues than getting the customers orders rang up. She also seems to enjoy making comments about customers after they have left the store...very unprofessional!

  • By Ricco Smith - Posted on: September 3, 2013

    everytime I go into your store I get harass by employees, they see me coming up to the store gather in groups taunting me, even have witness stating one employee was talking about doing harm to me, they will hide the cigarette products so they would not sell to me,this has been going on too long, I am about to go to the news and also the police and seek a lawyer, your employee the tall lady with the glass and also the girl with all the gang tattoos and the short fellow and the tall man all harass me when I enter the store this store is located on neely rd in Memphis tn, across Shelby drive, I have never been so insulted in my life... today I walked to the store and the tall lady tore down a sign before I got there so I would not see my brand pack, so as I walk in the young lady behind the counter was hiding cigarette packs taking them off display so when I asked for a pack she said no we don't carry them anymore, keep in mind I just sent my wife up their early and she said the whole display was full, they gather at the entrance and talk about me amongst theselves while im at the register all kinds of jokes and laughter being taunted my way, I wrote you once before but their was no response, so after todays problem I taped it on my phone, I will be seeking a lawyer and charges will be press against your company and employees, for (harassment)

  • By Mask on please - Posted on: September 22, 2020

    You have it posted on your front door, wear a mask it’s required. Fine, I wore mine but your cashier at the Market in Cookeville had his on his chin only. I requested that he put on his mask before he checked me out. He said he was strong and wasn’t ill. I told him my grandson was also strong and still got COVID-19. The point is this. If you’re going to require customers to wear a mask shouldn’t you also require the same of your employees?

  • By Teresa Tate - Posted on: September 20, 2020

    The two dollar general stores are not complying with the wearing of masks during this COVID worldwide crisis. I am grateful that Alabama has a lower COVID rating that many other states. I have noticed and made mention of it to store managers that their employees are either not wearing a mask at all or they are wearing them dropped below their noses. I was grateful when they designated a special time for elderly and immune suppressed folks as I fit into both categories. I was in the Sayre, AL store today and was told by two employees that their leaders/corporate office had told them they did not have to wear a mask any longer. As we are about to head into our usual flu season, I believe along with the CDC physicians and other experts that is is imperative for the safety of all that we continue to mitigate until this virus has a vaccine and it is widely distributed. Folks who may be asymptomatic can unknowingly spread the virus leading t o the death of another. I personally would not want that blood on my hands. Dollar General is doing quite well despite the virus. Shouldn't they be appreciative enough to follow the mandate and do all that is possible keep their customers safe. A six year old girl in Florida died because someone was careless and spread the virus to her. A pastor who spoke out against wearing masks is recovering in ICU from COVID. . My rights end where those of another begin. This is not political, it is common sense. We are not fanatics because we wear a mask, we care about others. We are our brothers keeper.

  • By B.A. Degrees - Posted on: September 17, 2020

    Dollar General opened a store in Grimesland North Caorolina in a neighborhood/ in front of driveways of all places!!! It has disrupted the lives of those who live there in a HUGE way despite objections, dollar General has made the situation WORST by extending the hours. Issues Dollar General REFUSES to address are: Noise pollution, drag race vehicle noises all day & night (7a-7p); near miss vehicle wrecks in front of homes/ at front doors; trash receipts, bags, bottled & cans; stares from the dumb-founded/ noisy customers ; it is a nightmare in which the town nor Dollar General give a damn about as long as it is not affecting their home.... babies cannot sleep, seniors feel afraid, it is a worst case scenario Dollar General was happy to make worst by extending their hours there.

  • By Patricia - Posted on: September 16, 2020

    Be careful when you open can goods. I bought this chili from Dollar General and this is what I opened the can to find. Green and black mold and mildew.

  • By Pissed Off - Posted on: September 15, 2013

    You tell me im a thief (at west lake mead blvd. store) but stole from (spring mtn. Store) but let me "wrap up my shopping" and check out. Not very normal for someone who is 86'd. When I ask who I can call about the matter u say "no one" then you charge me for an item I didnt want but take because I was charged anyway. Also I buy a curtain rod and no curtains due to being upset and kicked out your already locked doors at 11:47pm although you close at 12am but u let me back in irritated to refund the rod. When I decide after I get home F them I dont want none of it I contact your corporate office who tell me its gonna be no problem. When my husband goes to return it its denied because I used coupons. So I call corporate AGAIN to receive a reference # reference and to tell them to call there ERC for help doing a manual or generic refund and still no! Then I call corporate again and they forward it to your district manager Lisa Cheeves and Regional manager Jose Green Jose denys it and says he wind do anything till Monday after the weekend. Well Monday is my daughters b day your company will be reimbursed by the coupon WHATS THE DEAL???? YOU WONT REFUND MY SHIT AFTER CALLING ME SOMETHING IM NOT AND MAKING ME LEAVE I DONT WANT YOUR SHIT, AND WILL NEVER SHOP THERE AGAIN ITS A SHAME TOO I LIKE THE STORE AND NEVER SPEND LESS THAN $100 BUT THIS IS THE WORST I E EVER BEEN TREATED YOUR MANAGEMENT SKILLS ARE A TOTAL NOKE, AND YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS COMPARABLE TO WALMART NONE OF YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO MANAGE YOURSELFS LET ALONE A STORE. I WILL BE CONTACTING THE LOCAL NEWS AND LETTING THEM KNOW THEY NEED TO INFORM MY COMMUNITY OF THIS TREATMENT SO SOMEONE ELSE ISNT ACCUSED OF SOMETHING THERE NOT OR PURCHASE A ITEM THING THEY CAN RETURN IT IF ITS NOT RIGHT BECAUSE THEY CAN'T AND EVEN THERE REGIONAL WONT HELP YOU. THERE CUSTOMERS MEAN NOTHING TO THEM. THEY NEED TO BE SHUT DOWN UNTIL SOMEONE CAN FIND DESERVING, NORMAL PEOPLE WITH THE RIGHT SKILLS TO RUN THE STORES. JOSE GREEN IS THE REGIONAL HE NEEDS TO BE FIRED IMMEDIATELY HE ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT PERFORM THE SERVICES A REGIONAL MANAGER SHOULD!!!!

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