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2740 South Glenstone Avenue Springfield, MO 65804
Phone: (417)888-0408
Website: www.hardees.com

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Hardee's is a famous restaurant. They were earlier famous for making tasty biscuits. Presently, the company deals in edgy and tasty food and offers delicious fast-food experience. They specialize in thick burger made with 100 per cent Angus beef. The first restaurant of the company was inaugurated in 1960 by Wilbur Hardee. With gradual passage of time, the restaurant became famous for its burger and eventually opened many chain throughout southeastern and Midwestern parts of the United States. Presently, the restaurant also offers various desserts, beverages and red burrito. They even offer alluring deals, gift cards and even reward points that may be redeemed later.

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  • By A FORMER CUSTOMER - Posted on: August 10, 2013

    I did not feel comfortable talking to the manager, so I'm writing this. The Hardee's is in Jesup, Georgia. I took my wife and two grand daughters for lunch. Walking in the door there was spilled puddles of soda on the floor. We had to look for a table that was possible to sit at. My wife got wet napkins and cleaned off the table. There was spilt ketsup spilled on the floor. The ceiling tiles are stained and when I went to the mens bathroom there was one tile that was ready to fall down. The ultimate topper was when I WENT TO GET A NAPKIN AND A VERY LARGE ROACH CLIMBED OUT OF THE HOLDER. tHE OUTSIDE AREA WAS JUST AS BAD, WITH ASHTRAYS THAT BUTTS WERE DUMPED BUT NOT CLEANED IN FOREVER. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED WITH THE FILTH OF YOUR RESTURANT. CORPORATE NEEDS TO TAKE A LOOK. If this is the way your supervisors let your resturants and employee take care of business, corporate needs to take a better look. We have always enjoyed your food,but if the visitors area is so filthy what does the kitchen look like. Let me know if there is a change and I will start to frequent your resturant again. I am sending a letter also with my information.

  • By Andrew - Posted on: June 18, 2013

    To whom it may concern, To begin with it took 4 minutes if not longer before somebody came out from the back to help me. I could see and hear them talking and one employee even looked at me while I just stood there waiting and continued on with their conversation. A customer sitting in the dining area even walked up and looked around trying to get somebody to take my order. After I received my order and left I was shocked to find out that my "Hot" ham and cheese was cold and the bun was soggy as if it was drenched in water.It was far from "Hot", that's for sure. My double "Cheeseburger" did not have cheese on it and was sloppy. Why call it a "Double cheeseburger" if there is NO cheese on it? I would have assumed that since it took over 5 minutes to make my order that it was being prepared "Hot and Fresh" considering I was the only customer in the store ordering food during this entire time frame. I'd also like to note that the employee that handed me my food, simply said " Here you go" and turned around to continue her conversation with the employee working wearing a blue shirt that initially took my order. I've never received such poor service or quality of food from a fast food chain. I've been to restaurant #270 (my local Hardee's) numerous times and that's why I'm so shocked over tonights ordeal. Restaurant# 270 Location: Geneseo, IL Order# 134900 Date: 6/17/2013 Time: 9:37:57 Thanks for your time

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