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Massage Envy is an eminent series of franchises providing the service of massaging at various parts of the United States. The central office is situated in The Marketplace. They are excellent service providers who specialize in giving relaxation through their varied nature of massaging services at an extremely affordable price. It had been established in the year 2009 and since then they have featured additional spa and even services of skin facial. Presently, there are over eight hundred centers of Massage Envy Spa service centers over different regions of the United States. The centers even have separate spa rooms for men and women.

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  • By claudine cooper - Posted on: September 6, 2013

    People are rude, your services are renewed without letting you know, I would tell anyone not to patronise because they will try to talk you into getting a membership, pretty bad.

  • By g. milian - Posted on: August 29, 2013

    Your spa in Miami Lakes was paid for the initial membership. I needed to cancel due to medical reasons while I was paying $59 per month. I was not told that a medical report would suffice. Now after my last payment was made in July 2013, I was advised that my card was again charged in August for an auto renewal. I have 8 paid massages that I cannot use and my "only option" is to use them before September 23, 2013. I tried to get their assistance in giving my daughters and family a chance to use what was already paid for. Cannot transfer to them so I am out of my money. The manager Mark (something or other) never spoke to me nor was I given his last name. This is another mystery. Email for corporate never revealed, another mystery. This is the biggest scam I have had the misfortune to go through. Will continue to report this wherever I need to go. I hope someone reads this.

  • By Dr Jane Garofano - Posted on: August 24, 2013

    I own a massage school in New Jersey, and have just trained a legally blind student who will receive her diploma of achievement . Her performance was excellent in theory and hands-on . I contacted the Massage Emvy in Closter ,NJ and they refused her even applying !! Not enough staff, too much help, can't watch a video, read the manual. None of this is true , I am angry and want them fined for discriminating!!!!!!

  • By Suagar - Posted on: August 23, 2013

    I hate to say this, but ENVY SPA deceives customers with the membership. Do not join. You will be ripped off just like me. I belonged to the spa in Bowie/Woodmore Maryland and all of the staff there tell you different policies. NEVER NEVER AGAIN. Go somewhere else. This is sad becuase the massages are actually good

  • By John Trujillo - Posted on: August 16, 2013

    I enrolled and have not been able to use my membership to make it worthwhile to me. I continue to have dues subtracted and when I attempted to cancel I was told someone would contact me and that I would have to sign a form. At this point, I'm mad and will let anyone who I speak to know that this is not an organization you should do business with.

  • By Cassie - Posted on: July 6, 2013

    Poor management at the one in Conroe. They forgot to put me on the schedule.

  • By Joan Barger - Posted on: July 29, 2013

    My husband bought me a gift certificate for our anniversary and I made an appointment in the Oviedo Fl spa. On the phone the lady asked if I had a letter in front of the confirmation number and I said no. When I got there, she informed me that I needed a bar code. I was searching through my smart phone but couldn't get on the internet even though I saw Spa Envy as a link. The lady told me that they didn't have a password and I would have to use the Publix next door to no avail. I was searching for the email when the lady said..let's take care of this have already used eight minutes of your time. I was so appalled that I said I would reschedule. This was suppose to be a relaxing and special event and it turned into a very stressful ordeal. My husband called and was informed that we were suppose to receive something in the mail which we didn't and our American Express was never charged. The email certificate had a confirmation receipt and number. It is a mystery. The reception that I received at the Oviedo Fl Spa Envy was not what I expected even though it probably was an internet mishap.

  • By Cynthia Charles - Posted on: July 13, 2013


  • By Sue Travis - Posted on: June 21, 2013

    My name is Sue Travis I hope you will remember me. I am contacting you once again regarding the American Cancer Society Relay for Life and my nephew Tim Rosenbloom. Tim was a teacher/computer teach specialist for the Chino Unified School District. Tim was a husband to his beautiful wife of just 12 years, Robin and a very hands on Daddy to his little girl now 11 years old Erica. Tim was also a son, brother, nephew, cousin, uncle friend, colleague, and neighbor who left an indelible mark on all of our lives forever. Most importantly Tim was an exceptional human being who had never done anything, but good his entire life. You have been very kind the past couple of years with your generous donations and hopefully perhaps a sponsorship this year. In support of Tim's Relay for Life team "The Number 2's". We so appreciate your continued support and hope and pray you will continue to do so. This year a very special year for our relay team "The Number 2's"…It is our 5th year doing all we can to "Flush Away Cancer"! This has been one of the most painful and difficult year of our family's life. As you may remember Tim, only 41 years old lost his 4 year heroic battle against the horrible colon cancer on April 14, 2012. Then unbelievably my precious husband of over 40 years, Frank passed away after he was given the wrong medication during his last hospital stay. Frank assisted me as team fundraiser for "The Number 2"s for the past 4 years. It is very difficult to think about continuing to carry on with this effort of fundraising now; but I gave Tim, my word; I would during the time Tim was in his last days. I will do the best I can to honor my nephew Tim. At the last Relay for Life that Tim was still with us in 2011. Tim wanted to be there to Celebrate, Remember, Fight Back; which the motto of the relay. When was Tim was released the hospital the day of the 2011 relay and even though very weak, he came straight from the hospital to the relay. We have been part of the Relay for Life for the past 5 years, since Tim was first diagnosed. He wanted to give us a way to fight back, since we were all so stunned someone so young and so giving was afflicted with this vicious disease...He is the person that started and named our relay team. Tim was our hero and a real fighter until the very end. Feeling helpless would be the common thing to feel when faced with all of this adversity. However we are even more determined to do our best to help find the long overdue cure for this horrid colon cancer as well as all other types of cancer. The American Cancer Society Relay for Life event will be held on August 3-4, 2013. The location of the event: Ruben S. Ayala Park 14225 Central Ave Chino, CA 91710 Our American Cancer Society Relay for Life Team is still going to be "The Number 2's". We would like to let you know with today's world economy "The Number 2's" are in an even more dire need of Sponsorships, volunteers, and donations, for the many raffles we will be holding. All money and funds raised by all of our sponsorships, cash donations and money raised from our many raffles will go completely and directly to the American Cancer Society to help aid in the search for the long overdue cure for this horrid colon cancer as well as all other forms of cancer. I would like to share with you, that because of you and other local merchants "The Number 2's" raised over $14,000.00 last year. Cancer many times comes with any warning, as in Tim's case. It can strike your loved ones as it has mine. Please we really need your generous support with sponsorships and donations this year. I am enclosing with this letter a packet with all of the information you will need. For your convenience here is our ASC Tax ID #13-1788491 You can reach our team page at :|utmccn=(organic)|utmcmd=organic|utmctr=chino%20relay%20for%20life&__utmv=-&__utmk=177882790 If you have any questions or concerns , please feel to call me anytime. Please dig down deep this year. We really need your help... Please remember, together we can make the difference!!!! With sincere regards, Sue Travis, Team Fundraiser/Number 2’s 6723 Poinsettia Ct , Chino, California 91710 909-983-6061 (Home) 909-215-7275 (mobile)

  • By Suzanne Pond - Posted on: May 29, 2013

    COMPLAINT TO MASSAGE ENVY HOME OFFICE AND HEADQUARTERS 5-2013 I have worked for Massage Envy for 3 years. I applied the Code of Ethics in that I referred clients when beyond my scope of practice. In the lobby, one day, a client asked me if I had said she had scoliosis. I said that I did not. I did mention to her that she might see a chiropractor because they deal with the hard tissues (bone). My employer said that I told the client that she HAD scoliosis. I denied I said that and he said that I was not telling the truth and that someone had heard the client say that I had said she had scoliosis. He told me it was a warning and that it would be the last. I did know who he was talking about and I knew that the reason I had mentioned the chiropractor was because she had KYPHOSIS not scoliosis. Anyway, I left because I knew I couldn't trust him again. I was shocked also because he coerced me into signing a blank form saying that I understood and agreed with him. I had seen many things happen that weren't good with the other therapists, but I only work part time. Now I know their pain. I graduated with honors and have, after 3 years, 209 CEUs. I know my work and I love massage. Thanks for letting me share.

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