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Mr. Tire Corporate Office & Headquarters | Rochester, NY
Mr. Tire Corporate Office Headquarters

Mr. Tire Corporate Office | Headquarters

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200 Holleder Parkway Rochester, NY 14615
Phone: (585)647-6400
Website: www.mrtire.com

Company Overview

Mr Tire based in Rochester New York, is among the top dealers of Goodyear tires in U.S. This company is one of the leading company-owned automotive service chains and it services more than four million cars every year through its stores in over eight hundred locations. It also stands fourth among the top tire dealers of the country. It services cars, trucks, vans, and even SUVs, and its services include repairs, maintenance, and last but not the least the good quality tires. The company guarantees its consumers a fair comparison as well as affordable prices for their quality tires. It also offers thirty-days trial period for the tires.

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Mr. Tire Reviews

There are currently 2 consumer reviews about Mr. Tire available. Share your review.

  • By Tom - Posted on: August 9, 2013

    Brought my 2006 Honda Pilot to Mr. Tire in Ellicott City, MD to get tires rotated and balanced. when I let there I had an estimate for new struts and rear shocks wheel alignment and balance along with new tires that they said I needed at a cost of $1619.00. I was shocked and of course didnt do the work and took the car to the Honda dealer that I trust. They said the suspension is fine and nothing needed to be done. The tires were in great shape and had a lot of tread left on them. There are people out there that have no idea about cars and let people take total advantage of them. This is absolutely unacceptable. Something needs to be done. Unfortunately, I also took my daughters Jetta there the following day for a tire rotation, now there is a loud rumble noise in the front of the car. Wonder what was done to the car so it would need to go back for unessesary work!!!! Would never take any car there or recommend them to anyone.

  • By Amanda Bragg - Posted on: July 9, 2013

    Hi, I am writing this review for a few different reasons. First and for most, I believe the service at Mr Tire, located at Morse Rd and Karl Rd in Columbus Ohio is probably one of the worst places I have ever been to get my car repaired. I originally went in needing them to do my breaks (front). While I was there I thought, well while I have the money, let me get everything I want done done. So, I needed front Breaks and Rotors. I had one rotor so just paid for the other one. I wanted new tires, I was told by the manager at that time, that I didnt need new tires and he would not sell them to me. Being in customer service almost my whole working life, if the customer wants it; sell it! Point blank! On top of that, I explained that I was 95% sure that I needed calipers. Again, they refused the service stating that I did not need calipers and they were fine. So needless to say, I was getting pretty aggravated to say the least, but at the same time thought.. well if I dont need it then OKAY. However, I did need new calipers and had to have my family mechanic replace them because Mr Tire refused to do do. This was all done late Feb 2013. In April 2013 my boyfriend replaced my break pads because they were worn out on one side from needing new calipers. Got that done.. fine.. So on Sunday July 7th at 11:45 PM in the pooring down rain, my caliper bracket bolts came out of my right front caliper. And for anyone who doesn't know, when changing calipers you dont need to mess with the bracket. Only when replacing the rotors which Mr Tire completed. So on 71 N I am stranded in the rain with no money and no way of getting my car home. Thank god, someone stopped to help me. I then called Mr Tire on Monday July 8th explaining to them what had happened. They tell me to get my car towed up there and it would be covered under warranty if it was something they had done. The car was dropped off at Mr Tire at 1:00PM Monday afternoon and when I called there at 6:30 PM (they close at 7) They had not even brought my car in to even look at it. Me being a single mother of 2 children and missed work on Monday anyway, I HAD to get my car fixed. So I call my family mechanic and he takes me to Mr Tire. We arrive at 6:55 PM and they had just pulled my car into the shop after sitting there for 6 hours now. He informs me that the bolt had came loose and came out and quickly informed me that they were closed and nothing was going to get done to my car. So I had them pull the car out of their shop and my mechanic went and bought the bolts and within 5 minutes had my car repaired for me. Granted it isnt a lot to some people, but I spent over $500 trying to get my breaks fixed through Mr Tire and to be treated like I was nothing and my car would get done when they got to it because it should've been covered under warranty is absolutely ridiculous and not only will I NEVER EVER take my car to Mr Tire, I will do my very best to make sure everyone I know does not go there either. One thing the manager did not know was that my boyfriend used to work there and when he called to check on my car (Todd the manager) was very rude and pretty much told him to F off. So my BF asked for the district managers phone number (but he asked by name) Todds attitude totally changed however, was still not interested in repairing my car that they messed up. All in all, the WORST place I have ever been and WILL NOT make the same mistake twice. I would've went back to begin with but it was under warranty. You may contact me with any questions if you feel the need to do so though email @ amandaatunited@gmail.com

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