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T-Mobile Corporate Office & Headquarters | Bellevue, WA
T-Mobile Corporate Office Headquarters

T-Mobile Corporate Office | Headquarters

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12920 SE 38th Street Bellevue, WA 98006
Phone: (800)318-9270
Website: www.t-mobile.com

Company Overview

T-Mobile International AG is a company holding innumerable subsidiaries of mobile communication for Deutsche Telekom AG, outside the country of Germany. It is based in the region of Bonn of North Rhine-Westphalia of Germany. The subsidiary units of the company operates cellular services based on LTE, GSM and even UMTS-based mobile networks in various regions of Canada, Europe and even other regions of the world. They even have their financial stakes with the mobile operators in eastern and central Europe. T-mobile was actually launched as the first generation analog C-Netz mobile network in the year 1985. After undergoing a phase of constant change of hands and rechristening, the company was finally named T-Mobile in the year 2002.

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T-Mobile Reviews

There are currently 4 consumer reviews about T-Mobile available. Share your review.

  • By Tyra - Posted on: July 24, 2013

    I have tried contacting T-Mobile corporate headquarters for 2 months try to resolve my billing issues. I added my sister to my Family plan back in November 2012 and the representative at the T-Mobile store told me that she would have the same Unlimited talk and text plans on my the same plan details as I have on my account with no additional charges. Now my sister lives in Massachusetts and I live in Maryland and we literally stood in both T-Mobile stores and listened to 2 store representatives argue about who would receive the commission for adding the new line on the account and the end result was neither on of the representatives did their job, my sister is being charged additional fees n a "Family Value Plan" T-Mobile sucks and have no integrity as they like to describe in their "Code of Business conduct" (please see below)which us all BS. There is NEVER anyone at the Corporate Headquarters available to talk to about consumer complaints even the switchboard operator (Kurt) is rude. If anyone knows of a class action against T-Mobile please let me know. Regards, An Unsatisfied Customer For all employees: At T-Mobile, how we get results is as important as the results we deliver. We respect one another. We delight our customers. And we act with honesty and integrity in all business dealings. It’s what we do, because it’s who we are. This is how we earn the trust and respect of our customers, our suppliers and business partners, and one another. Our continued success relies on earning that trust each day. We do this by taking personal responsibility for conducting business with uncompromised ethics. You can expect that of me, and I expect it of you. The Code of Business Conduct provides clear expectations on how to “Do it the right way” at T-Mobile. I ask you to learn the Code, take it to heart, and follow it. Because, whatever your responsibilities at T-Mobile may be, you’re responsible for conducting yourself according to these high standards. Behaviors, as well as results, matter at T-Mobile. Thank you for your personal commitment to getting the right results, the right way. Sincerely, John Legere President and Chief Executive Officer T-Mobile US, Inc.

  • By LaRay Dobbins - Posted on: July 18, 2013

    I have used t-mobile for years they have always giving me great service. it maybe alittle higher than some of the local phone companies but it is worth it. today i purchased a phone from a dealer of t-mobile product i in return had to get a sims card. when putting the two together i found out the phone wasn't working correctly. i attempted to return the phone only to find out the dealer wouldn't return the phone or exchange it unless i bought a more expense phone. i called t-mobile to try reswolving this issue since they are dealing with a t-mobile name only to find out there was nothing they could do. now i have to do through other avenues to try to retrieve my money back or just be stuck with a phone that does not work. situations like these make me want to just switch services. this place is called KING WIRELESS IN HOUSTON, TX 5070 GRIGGS 77021 (713)748-3397. IF ANYONE IS HAVING PHONE PROBLEMS THIS WOULD BE THE LAST PLACE TO GO. when i was there trying to return the phone there was another customer there facing some of the same problems

  • By Ashley Bellino - Posted on: July 15, 2013

    My husband and I have had service with you for years and it has now come to and end we are very dissapointed in T-mobile we feel like you have betrayed us my husband is the olny one working right now and our phones were cut off last month and we got a 293.00 bill in the mail from you we will be returning our phones tomorrow to the TMobile store in Griffin Ga. on North Exspressway where we got them from and we will never do buisness with you again I sure hope it was worth it to y'all to get so money hungry I use to brag about you to my friends we even sent people to that store in Griffin NEVER again.We are not gonna pay for service we didn't use.Thanks for nothing Ashley Bellino

  • By Lexie Nguyen - Posted on: April 30, 2013

    Long story short...I dialed 611 to speak to a rep and a supervisor because they can't afford to have a manager on staff. Told them that I have been given broken promises from T-Mobile; aside from all that, I have upgraded my phone to the S4 online and was told that it would be delivered 5-7 bus days for the standard shipping. I purchased the phone online on the 29th, called to confirm on the 30th at 1:00PM about the purchase and the shipping and they told me that they are still waiting for my approval. Basically, your shipping doesn't start until you approve (what approval...it was already approved and done online; but whatever) One excuses after another, finally the supervisor told me that T-Mobile will not have the S4 in-stock until 5/1/2013. So now, not only am I waiting 5-7 business days; but an additional 3 days from the time of purchased. So I said, "Fine, I will call back again tomorrow since you can't say or help me because you guys don't have the phone yet. Please clearly notate my account that I have spoken with you in regards to the purchase and shipping agreement." Here is when it gets good. My co-worker asked me if I ordered the phone because we are both getting the same phone. I told him that T-Mobile said that they won't have in stock to ship out until tomorrow (5/1/13). He said "No, I am getting mine Friday" and he showed me his delivery confirmation from T-Mobile and UPS. So now, I am heated. Not only have I been treated poorly; I am now being lied to. I decided to call and have someone look into this situation. All that T-Mobile said is "I am sorry." Really, I don't need to hear you are sorry, just take care of it and get it fixed/done. That's all that I am asking. Now, the supervisor said that my shipping label is already in processed or printed, there is nothing that she can do. (How about expediting my shipping or crediting my account for the frustration and the inconveniency and the lies that I have been getting). You asked if there's a corporate office or a headquarter that I can address my frustration and the service that I was getting, T-Mobile said that you can email the customer service line. No offense, if it is with the customer service that I am having, what makes you think I will email Customer Service. I want someone who has authority and REALLY appreciate and takes care of their customers. Not someone who is there to say I Am Sorry and write notes on my account.

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