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4645 8th Avenue South Fargo, ND 58103
Phone: (701)356-0130
Website: www.titanmachinery.com

Company Overview

Titan Machinery offers a mixed and diversified consumer products for agricultural and construction industries. They main region of business is across Europe and upper Midwest. They even have a number of dealership across Iowa, Montana, Minnesota, Colorado, Arizona, Nebraska and other regions of North America. The company is also reputed to organize various training programs for active participation of employees where they are offered training by various experts of the industry. They even take necessary innovative measures with John Deere and Caterpillar dealerships in order to deploy GPS guidance system for precise farming. They even have numerous resource groups to offer favorable support to the stores.

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  • By Jerry Scozzari - Posted on: May 29, 2013

    I worked at the Falcon Power store in Phoenix AZ. For over 10 years.I went to work for Fisher then F-5 equipment and had a perfect record. I stopped in to Titan power to see some of the guys I worked with. Everyone at the shop shook my hand and asked how I was doing. Rob Hummel the service manager saw me he called me in the office and and told me to sit down. He started to scream at me and told me to never step foot on the property again. I was diagnosed with pesticides from Vietnam and I am currently disabled because of this. When Rob hummel saw me he called me in his office and told me to sit down and started to yell at me. He also told me never to step foot on the property again or he will have me removed. The man has anger problems. A few years back he got mad and put his fist through a window. Falcon Power gave him time off and had to go to anger management classes. I feel that his anger is still with him. I would like to know what is going to be done about this.

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