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3636 North L Street Pensacola, FL 32505
Phone: (850)438-5646
Website: www.whataburger.com

Company Overview

Whataburger is a family owned company that owns and operates a chain of restaurants in the United States. It is also one of the leading burger providers in the country. The story of Whataburger starts in 1950 when Harmon Dobson opened the first Whataburger restaurant which offered a burger so big that it had to be held with 2 hands, something that had never been seen before. The idea became an instant success and the company expanded to other markets very fast. By 1960, the company operated 17 stores all over Texas and it had grown to become one of the leading chain restaurants in Texas. Whataburger has risen from a single burger stand to a chain restaurant with over 700 restaurants scattered all over USA.

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  • By LINDA BRANDT - Posted on: July 15, 2013

    I always went to McDonalds until one morning trying Whataburger and I would not even give McDonalds a second glance now. There are two ladies at the Hillsboro, TX location that make my morning so bright and pleasant. They are both full of cheer and are so pleasant in their greetings. One is a lady that takes the orders at the drive through and her name is Laverne. She always wishes me a blessed day. The other is a lady at the serving window that hands out my order and her name is Idiana. They make my morning so cheerful and bright and certainly need to be commended for the good job they do to promote the restaurant. I enjoy the "Breakfast on a Bun" and really enjoy getting to have peppers and onions added on the bun. I was also glad to see that the "senior" coffee is free and it is only at a discount at McDonalds. I took the time to write because I hope these two special ladies get a "THANK YOU" for being such good workers.

  • By mike gibson - Posted on: May 10, 2013

    have always eaten at Whataburger over all rest of chains breakfat sandwich by far the best. hamburger is better than most the reason I am writing today is my wife & I just had the monteray burger that is the best burger ihave eaten in yrs it would beat most so called gourmet burgers why is this burger only for a limited time?

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