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DineEquity owns IHOP, which is an American-based chain of restaurant that specializes in food for breakfast. However, majority of the restaurants under the chain runs under independent franchises. It mainly prepares breakfast food including French toast, pancakes and even omelettes. The restaurant chain also has provision for dinner and lunch menu. Their first ever franchise was established in Dubai, in 2012. Other than this, it has around one thousand and five hundred stores across America. It came into business holding the hands of Jerry Lapin, Albert Kallis and Al Lapin, in 1958. Contribution of William Kaye and Sherwood Rosenberg is also worthy of mention in this regard. Initially, the restaurant was inaugurated in California.

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  • By Cindi - Posted on: June 28, 2013

    While attending a wedding at wrightsville NC my family and I stopped at your ihop on the way to the airport , our waitress name was Nora or nori she wasGreat!!!friendly , not too pushy just great she said she's been a waitress for 40 years! After we left my daughter noticed she forgot her headphones , we were at a stop lite and was not going to turn around or would be late for our flight. All of a sudden we see our waitress running to catch us at the lite!!!!! Great service and great food!!!

  • By Mike - Posted on: June 2, 2013

    My two most recent visits to IHOP has made it to where I will never go there again. My family and I went to the IHOP in Meridian Idaho. We were seated promptly but it took our server 15 minutes to come take our drink order. We received our drinks and ordered our food. My wife ordered an omelette with an extra ingredient which they some how forgot. They couldn't bring her a coffee pot that was hot. Then our waitress disappeared for twenty minutes. When she finally came she walked past us three times before checking on us and when she did it smelled like she had smoked a pack of cigarettes. Next time was in Pocatello Idaho. We went in for breakfast. Once again had to wait 15 minutes for her coffee. It wasn't even our server that brought it out. Our server returned 10 minutes later and took our order. Never came to check on us after that. 30 minutes go by and no food. Finally our server comes over and says our ticket was misplaced and it should be ready in 10 minutes. Another 30 minutes goes by and we decide to leave. We stop to pay for our drinks and all of a sudden our server shows up eating and the hostess shows up and the manager shows and wants to make it all right with us. We tell him we have waited for over an hour for our food and we were leaving. They offered to pay for it all if we stayed we said no we are leaving and walked out the door. It will be a cold day in hell before IHOP sees any of my money again!

  • By Maria - Posted on: June 18, 2013

    My family and I love the food and service at IHOP. When I visited my mother in Toledo, OH the food was excellent and the waitress exhibited pure Customer Service. Attending to every detail in a professional manner, I made sure I spoke to the manager to express my/our satiscation. Today, I visited a new IHOP in Frederick, MD on Osprey Rd. The hotess and waitress were extremely congenial. Even the young man I spoke to about additional packets of Splenda attended to my need and let me know "That's not a problem". Within the past 20 years of patronizig IHOP there has been 1 restaurant that was OUTRAGEOUSLY HORRIBLE! THANK GOD IT HAS CLOSED. We always recommend IHOP to family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. I'm so sorry that the previous reviewers had a horrible time. That's just not the IHOP way. Based upon my visit to IHOP today, I'm sending a Letter of Compliment to the corporate headquarters. I would suggest (based upon the previous reviews) the previous customers send a Letter of Complaint. As a former Sales and Customer Service Manager, nothing works better to get your point across that a "Hard Copy" of your concerns. Corporations really do "listen" to the customer when they HAVE NOT received excellent service. My family and I will continue to support/patronize IHOP. I just hope the other customers will find an IHOP restaurant they can call their own. To compliment the seniors who visited IHOP, obviously you don't look your age. I get the Senior's discount, but believe me, I ask for it. Please don't be too upset. You've worked hard all your lives and you deserve every single discount that exists. God bless you.

  • By Any. - Posted on: May 5, 2013

    I went to IHOP for the first time and I must say that the food was absolutely delicious but my waitress was the worst. She looked annoyed when we politely asked for a refill and she was just not good at all. When we were leaving she stood there and watched us wrote our tips. Then after she saw us not give her a tip she said a nasty comment to us. It was the IHOP on Shewsbury st. in Worcester, MA. DO NOT GO THERE.

  • By Sheila Ames - Posted on: May 4, 2013

    I was at the I hop today on Blanding Blvd., Orange Park, Fla. and the hostess was Sharmaya. I wanted to say how pleased I was with her service, politeness, and how she carried herself. She is a keeper, wish we had more folk like her. Thank you, Sheila Ames

  • By ALAN DEAN - Posted on: May 30, 2013

    I have always loved I-HOP. HAVE BEEN EATING AT FOR OVER 30 YEARS YOU RUN INTO GOOD WAITRESSES AND BAD. that I can ether leave a tip are not but for the most part there are some wonderful waitreesses and waiters at I hop . but the worst I ever seen is A manager That disrespected her employees in front of customers and staff. I was just telling my son how too run a service company and wam!!!It was a shock to here this manager talk to her employees that way.anyway when I was ordering breakfast the other morning with My son I ask for what I have been ordering every weekend for the last two years.2x2x2 and a side of fruit with no melon . my son orderd and the waitress that they can no longer separate the fruit. I told her I do not eat melon for medical reasons. to get the manager. she said that that's company polpolicy. now if it is I will never eat at I hop again. and on the way out after paying my bill there was another customer that was saying she will never eat here again. a employee was happyto give me the managers name. maura from the cumming ga. store on market place. I and A lot of people would like to know if this is company policy.or just one rogue manager.

  • By Carolina - Posted on: May 30, 2013

    I am writing to comment on the Manager of the IHop on Hammer Lane in Stockton, CA. His name is Jessie, he was friendly, helpful, very pleasant, he took over when one of his employees tried to not honor a coupon we had. I received coupons from corporate, very clearly stated what percentage of a discount I would receive, the girl at the register decided she would put her personal discount on our tab instead of the one on the coupon. I asked for the manager, he cam out, with a smile, read the coupon, proceeded to actually check us out himself with the correct discount. Jessie is the reason that I will return to iHop WITHOUT a coupon!! Manager Jessie - Stockton, CA, Hammer Lane restaurant , well done!!!

  • By Got fucked! - Posted on: May 28, 2013

    All the management and half the staff at Ihop on Merchants Drive in Knoxville Tn are shady ass dope fiends! I'm surprised they havent bankrupted the store. No wonder the service sucks no decent person would put up with the bullshit for too long!

  • By Cherie Reese - Posted on: May 28, 2013

    Beware of using a groupon. Some locations won't take them. Example, the Lee's Summit MO location. I'm pretty disapointed.

  • By William Carroll - Posted on: May 20, 2013

    As a retired Veteran I was disappointed with the Shreveport, La. location off Pine St. when I started to pay and presented my Veteran ID. I was told they did not honor the discount even though every other IHOP I have been to has without question. The person behind the counter, who seemed to be in charge, was very rude and I was totally embarassed that she refused my Military Discunt. I want to know why I was refused at this location when every other location honors the Military Discount.

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