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DineEquity owns IHOP, which is an American-based chain of restaurant that specializes in food for breakfast. However, majority of the restaurants under the chain runs under independent franchises. It mainly prepares breakfast food including French toast, pancakes and even omelettes. The restaurant chain also has provision for dinner and lunch menu. Their first ever franchise was established in Dubai, in 2012. Other than this, it has around one thousand and five hundred stores across America. It came into business holding the hands of Jerry Lapin, Albert Kallis and Al Lapin, in 1958. Contribution of William Kaye and Sherwood Rosenberg is also worthy of mention in this regard. Initially, the restaurant was inaugurated in California.

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There are currently 35 consumer reviews about IHOP available. Share your review.

  • By Edward S. Toperzer - Posted on: May 20, 2013

    Just trying to go thru the MAZE of finding computer printable coupons for IHOPS in my general area!! Can't we make this simple, no hoops to jump thru?? Please, please just tell me where to go and hit "PRINT"to get free IHOP breakfast, lunch and dinner coupons!! Thanks! Ed age: 82 years!!

  • By Becky - Posted on: May 19, 2013

    My friend and I went to the Layton UT IHop for brunch. My food was not prepared the way I clearly ask for, however, the waitress fixed the problems (as in more than one) and did a good job in making sure everything was ok with our orders. Of course, IF everything had been done the way we asked in the first place, that would have been better.

  • By Unacceptable...... - Posted on: May 13, 2013

    My girlfriend worked at IHOP in Clarksville Indiana.Until a week ago when i Informed herThat she should just not work there .Apparently the Management staff at IHOP Clarksville. Feel it is more necessary to employ alcoholics,And I mean people who are drunk on the job.And refused to send those people home even know there too intoxicated to work.Amongst many other things.I know people have personal issues,I have some myself..1 is that I will not allow my girlfriend to work with Anyone who puts her in danger.. This is one on for several months, Unfortunately I was not aware that situation.Hopefully now IHOP corporate headquarters will be aware of the situation..

  • By KW,McGee - Posted on: April 8, 2013

    My family and i went to Ihop in Monroe,Ga.After ordering drinks the waitress brought them to us.She took 0ne drink of the tray,it tipped the rest of the drinks fell onto my daughters shoulder soaking her.Noone came over to offer help.We left, will not return!You would think that at least the mgr would have came over.

  • By roylette v - Posted on: April 5, 2013

    Need clarity on an IHOP POLICY......My family was in town and desired to dine at a particular IHOP in NC. Because we were family of an employee, we were denied that opportunity because one of my family members is employed at that particular restaurant. This is ridiculous!!!!!! A family restaurant denying a family the opportunity to dine together because of a restaurant policy?? Absurd!!!!! How is it possible that he can serve the food, have money deducted from his paycheck;by the hour, but he's not "allowed" to bring his family from out of town into the restaurant???? I am outraged!!! Our family consisted of 7 people, 2 senior citizens; one of which is handicapped. I was raised eating at this facility when living in NJ. Knowing of this policy, I will no longer patronize this business. A response to this comment clarifying this issue is greatly appreciated.

  • By Beth Lindemann - Posted on: April 22, 2013

    Because of your PRE-AUTHORIZATION on credit card purchases, I have spent 3 hrs over the last 2 days trying to get funds available back into my account because I AM BEING CHARGED TWICE technically for the same bill. It was the first time I was ever in your restuarants and the food wasn't that great either! I will tell all my friends NOT to patronize your establishments unless they plan to use CASH!!! This is ridiculous, all for a stupid meal I begged my husband to take me there because I never hadn't eaten at one. What a bad taste left in my mouth! P.S. I was my husbands' birthday and his meal wasn't free - no one told us? I found it on the internet. Guess if you don't advertise it people won't redeem it. Saves you money on comping meals!!

  • By Bob Bosworth - Posted on: April 21, 2013

    Been sitting in the Aberdeen Sd branch for 20min with no service . Has to be the worst service I've had in 10 yrs. no apology no anything just ( oh your so quiet over here) I have my own business and if I treated my customers like this I would be jobless.

  • By MRS. WALKER - Posted on: April 17, 2013

    I was a regular customer from ihop in 3 location, 1 in Lancaster Ca. and 2 in Palmdale Ca. and I was always anjoying together with my friend our breakfast, because we like the food and coffee and the services of those regular employees that always serve as, but we notes a few months ago everything is changing, the food is not as good anymore and the worst the service is horrible everytime we come is new people working and they don't know what are they doing and all of those new rude managers specially the one in Lancaster, Ca. I hope this go back to what it was or other ways we just keep going to Denny's inplece of Ihop.

  • By robert singer - Posted on: April 11, 2013

    I recently visited and IHOP in San Antonio Texas. While the food was very good, I have some serious complaints. I know it was a busy morning, but not all of the advertised items on my meal were delivered to my table. My BIGGEST complaint is that while I left a cash tip on the table, someone at the register WROTE IN THEIR OWN TIP TO BE CHARGED TO MY AMERICAN EXPRESS CARD. Who at this rest. thinks that is a good or fair idea? If you want to charge my card say so. I won't leave the cash. I dont want to see a waitress get stiffed, but neither do I want to get robbed! That is stealing. Take the tip option off the ticket or tell customers not to leave cash if they use a card. Now I can't even trust IHOP to be fair. You have lost another customer! Thank you, singerbob06@yahoo.com

  • By ivannova - Posted on: March 25, 2013

    I was appalled after I saw our bill. My husband & I are retired, and we went to IHOP for the first and last time. For 2 cups of coffee it was $4.58. The coffee was horrible. Tasted like dish water. I complained about it, and gave us the same tasting coffee. This was in Pittsburg, ca. We only drink 1 cup and that it. Then the omelets, was outrageously over priced, $10.99 each. To add hashbrowns or anything else was highway robbery. The toast that came with our meal, had more holes in it than bread, and was so hard that if I through it against the wall, it would have crumbled. I've gone to restaurants where the customer service was real customer service. This was not acceptable. A big rip off if you ask me. Never again will I go there.

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