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PO Box 660362 Dallas, TX 75266
Phone: (214)849-8000

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The company Greyhound Lines is a common carrier for the passengers through the bus and it serves more than three thousand and five hundred destinations. It provides services at different places including United States, Mexico, Canada and many others. The company even provides the bus discount services for the customers who travel through them. These discount services are actually introduced as to enable the company for meeting its competitors that are Chinatown bus carriers. The company even looks after the security matter, as it is an important aspect for travelling and allowing different people to travel. They have implemented different security measures.

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  • By CRAIG W. - Posted on: July 16, 2013

    I have been trying to contact someone in your Long Beach station for two days, NO ONE ANSWERS THE PHONE?I have called eight time....NO ANSWER! I then called you Corporate Office in Dallas, I was able to talk to a real person? in Dallas. I told this person my problem with the Long Beach Station, he told me if I have questions "I SHOULD DRIVE THERE TO ASK MY QUESTIONS" What the hell kind of answer is that? I should drive 16 miles one way to ask a question that should be handled over the phone. I have used Greyhound in the past for shipping my products but it looks like I'll be changing my shipping company! I now know why I hear so much negative talk about Greyhound, it WAS a GREAT Company at one time, now, I don't think so!

  • By c.lee wise - Posted on: July 15, 2013

    I've been trying to reach your Long Beach Ca station by phone, for two (2) days I've called, a total of three (3) hours sitting on my phone WAITING for some live person to pickup the damn phone!!! Finally I called your Dallas Corp Office? The young man there told mt they are short handed in LB Ca and that I should DRIVE MY CAR TO THAT OFFICE!!??? to get the package shipping information I needed......WTF kind of service does Greyhound offer these?? It sounds like you now offer NOTHING by phone? I drive 15 miles one way and 15 miles return JUST to get info that should be offered on the phone. I tried getting the info I needed on your web site......what web site???? After this I now understand Why you once GREAT company is going BROKE! THANKS FOR NOTHING.....Ps..I'll find a much better & safer way to ship my products. c.l.w. downey ca.

  • By patricia dennis - Posted on: June 17, 2013

    June 10, 2013 Greyhound Bus Lines 10100 Linn Station Road Dallas, Texas 40223 Dear Greyhound Bus Lines, As a frequent traveler of Greyhound Bus Lines, I am extremely disappointed at my most recent experience with your company. I arrived early for my scheduled bus in Ft. Smith, Arkansas @ 2:00pm on the June 14, to depart 2:40pm on Jefferson Bus Lines. It was to depart Ft. Smith to Little Rock Arkansas. Although I was authorized to change my travel day by Mario, Id#6207 via phone. I was told to show up in Ft smith at the scheduled time on my ticket and it should not be a problem. Upon checking in at the ticket counter with my electronic printout ticket, I immediately asked the agent if she had any additional information. Despite my polite demeanor, she responded that it should not be a problem and was allowed to board the bus without any problems. Upon our 1hr delay at Ft. Smith waiting on a bus coming from the west, we finally left Ft. Smith@ about 3:55pm waiting on some truck driver students. As the scheduled time for departure passed, my anxiety level grew as well. It was imperative that I make my connection in Little Rock; however, another agent of your company assured me that it was just delayed. Ultimately, we finally got everyone on and pulled off. To make matters even worse, I had to set adjacent to isle 25/26/27&28 with “Racist skinheads stating that he didn’t like “Niggas and that no Nigga should be allowed in Arkansas for 3hrs.Jefferson lines had cameras on them if they were working. Feel free to check. Here is where my frustration reaches its peak: Upon arrival at the Little Rock Terminal, I While weathered the racial slurs, coupled with medical illness and the level of miscommunication by your staff, I had to deal with the uncomfortable eyesore of watching local prostitutes perform favors in the women’s bathroom on people who were suppose to be staff, without any badges, uniforms and reeking of alcohol. Finally, after again a 2hr delay, bus # 6377 pulls in to take it people on to Memphis, there were only 10 seats, I was the first on line, to be told my ticket was null and void because the date was not the date of departure. When I explain the medical emergency was the reason for me not traveling on the 13th? Operator Hurt, who was simply doing his job, stated that he could not let me ride and he could not wait for me to purchase another ticket. He did call his supervisor ant they told him to bring me to Memphis, but he couldn’t assure me that I would be able to use ticket. In closing, this is something that no one should have to experience. The only thing that I am asking is that I be issued a full refund for the return trip to Atlanta. I ended up getting in the Tractor Trailer with my husband who ironically was at the petro in Little rock. When I was allowed to board the bus in Fort Smith, your company didn’t honor their own rules as stated in the fine print on the ticket. Lastly, the bus operator on the Jefferson Bus lines should have not allow that passagener the opportunity to insult me and the many of other African Americans who had to listen to that crap. I feel a full refund for the return trip that I’m asking for is a small consolation to what I could do. I will allow you 5 businesses from the receipt of this letter to get the matter resolved before legal actions will be taken. I suffered due to your company's inability to hire competent employees and not paying more attention to people with medical issues. Furthermore, as well as the communication breakdown that occurred among your staff. I expect to be compensated in the form of a credit back to my card or similarly made whole. I await your response within one week. Sincerely, patricia dennis

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