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IHOP Corporate Office & Headquarters | San Diego, CA
IHOP Corporate Office Headquarters

IHOP Corporate Office | Headquarters

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9225 Dowdy Drive Suite 105 San Diego, CA 92126
Phone: (858)695-2440
Website: www.ihop.com
Reviews: 35 WRITE REVIEW

Company Overview

DineEquity owns IHOP, which is an American-based chain of restaurant that specializes in food for breakfast. However, majority of the restaurants under the chain runs under independent franchises. It mainly prepares breakfast food including French toast, pancakes and even omelettes. The restaurant chain also has provision for dinner and lunch menu. Their first ever franchise was established in Dubai, in 2012. Other than this, it has around one thousand and five hundred stores across America. It came into business holding the hands of Jerry Lapin, Albert Kallis and Al Lapin, in 1958. Contribution of William Kaye and Sherwood Rosenberg is also worthy of mention in this regard. Initially, the restaurant was inaugurated in California.

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IHOP Reviews

There are currently 35 consumer reviews about IHOP available. Share your review.

  • By Connie Gambill - Posted on: September 8, 2013

    I hope everyone knows that IHOP no longer accepts expired coupons. They always have so the 5 of us drove 55 miles this morning to celebrate Grandparent's Day and they would not take the coupons. I also had a coupon for a 'free' breakfast for my birthday which I printed off an e-mail I received this week. They wouldn't accept it either, b/c it wasn't printed out properly. As much as I have always loved IHOP, we will not be going back for a long time. Very disappointed.

  • By Ms. Voris - Posted on: September 4, 2013

    my self and ten other people loved I hope in Albuquerque, NM the one by Cibola High We have been going there since 2006. We fell in love with one of there waiters which was Lillan. I found out by a Friend that works were she is living, that she was fired for a customer or employee that said she called another employee a slut. Come one Lillan is a nice lady I have never seen her mad she always had a smile. When I found out that the boss there just fired her and she has been with Ihop for 4 years with only one write up, this is bunch of bull. I seen wrose employees at the job that dont care for there customers. We only went to this Ihop becuase of Lillan since she is no longer there we and everyone we know that goest there we are going to tell them to avoid this Ihop. I know three of my friends work for hotels and they are removing Ihop as a recomended choice to go and eat. Reason is Ihop corporate office would not help employee for being fired, and I thought Denny's was bad. So Ihop I cant belive you do this to your staff that has been with you for years no wonder why your going to go out of Business because you dont care.

  • By Paul Rushlow - Posted on: September 17, 2020

    You have the dumbest commercial Ive ever seen, bears, really

  • By Karen - Posted on: July 9, 2013

    After taking in Freedom over Texas firework show in Houston,Tx, my family and I were very hungry. We decided to go to IHop in Stafford, Tx off Hwy 59. The MANAGER on duty was not happy to see us by the look on his face. We were a party of 16. Consisted of 11 kids, 4 adults and 1 infant. The service was very slow and awful, with barely any guest. The waitress walked pass our table 5 times before anyone took our drink order. After being seated for 20 minutes our drink order was finally taken. Then we learned that a few of the drinks we ordered this establishment was out of. Not to mention none of our drinks were even being made! We realized how long it was actually taking to be served drinks, we decided to leave and try another I-Hop establishment in Sugarland,Tx. Upon arrival we learned the cook had just walked out and the service is slow including wait would be HELL. Needless to say, we again left this establishment in search of another. This is our 3rd try with another I-Hop, with 11 hungry children, 4 adults,1 infant and now add to the party, 5 more hungry adult males!! Our spouses decided to meet us at the 3rd I-Hop located off Sam Houston Pkwy South Houston, Tx. Finally we received service at this location and it was packed!! We were seated promptly, drink order was taken & served then dinner/ breakfast was hot & on point. After I-Hopping around Houston, Tx & surrounding area we finally ate at 2:00 am. The 1st two locations was really ridicules without a crowd. Due to the poor service or lack there of, I will not visit these those 2 locations again.

  • By robert - Posted on: July 30, 2013

    ihop in newport richey fla is the worst place to eat mrgs are nasty cooks are druges and drunks do not eat here.wached a cook sale drugs in parking lot. and a server making out with a cook it is in need of a compleat house cleaning.i will say it a gain plz do not go here.

  • By former employee - Posted on: July 3, 2013

    Capitola IHOP in California is where i use to work this site has so many unprofessional employees at this time. I worked at this ihop for 3 yrs. and after experiencing the temp. mngr. opening late on several occasions i said nothing to anyone. after working for 2-3 months day in and day out i accidently closed early 1 nite i dont agree with this although i am now unemployed due to this aqusation, i was not shown any video of this incident and am devistated with how this issue was handled. IHOP in Capitola was my world i loved everything about it, i would work SEVERAL hrs. OFF clock to help to pass OAR inspections ect. i put in 120+ percent while employed for capihop and also if any food 86'd i would run to grocery store near by just to make sure customers got what they ordered. It is a shame that one can be fired for making 1 mistake that i dont even think was true and others can open LATE on several occasions, it is just as important to open a store as it is to close one, although those employees are still there that opened late. This is unfair and further legalities are in works to see that i am compensated for ALL hrs. i put in off clock and receipts as to items purchased are refunded to me. it is very sad that a franchuse could treat a dedicated, loyal, and hard working employee this way. I would think as anyone else that 1 error with at least 90 days straight work is a given written warning not a fire. This issue is going to be issued through better bussiness bureau and other authorities concerned in wrongful fires. Im very disappointed in how a crew cheif cannot write up another crew cheif although they can fire them and hand them their last check, there is no professionalism here and it is being addressed legally. Thank you for your time and concern in this issue, i hope that you address this with capihop and soon learn from this unfortunate experience of a totally dedicated employee wrongfully fired Sincerely Former employee of CAPHOP in Capitola Ca.

  • By Christian - Posted on: July 10, 2013

    Subject: IHOP #1934, 6555 Sunland Park Dr, El Paso, TX 79912 Abysmally bad state of affairs on July 10, 2013 It is not my custom or habit to be other than kind and understanding with people I happen to interact at any point in time. Yet, earlier this morning the female manager and workers of subject establishment seriously tested my tolerance to a point where I decided to no longer frequent IHOP. I am retired and have oftentimes met a dear friend at subject IHOP for breakfast, good conversation and relaxation. Moreover, my friend and I appreciate a pleasantly quiet atmosphere as well as professional behavior by the members of staff serving at tables. Today, and a few times before, that desirable atmosphere has deteriorated to a noisy three-ring circus. To start her day, the manager -- who clearly unveils a chronic case of overstressed self- importance --decided to have a noisy cheerleader party combined with loud pep talks and primeval whooping and hooting -- and perhaps chest pounding -- right in front of the kitchen… Eventually, the place became so noisy that we were unable to maintain a normal conversation. If that wasn’t bad enough, there seems to have been a large employee turnover at this location leading to extremely bad table manners, so to speak. For instance, waiters rudely inquire while hurriedly walking by: “is everything OK?” as soon as your mouth is full with the first bite and fail to show up when you really need help. The only situation that seems to be important to them is ripping your finished or even unfinished plate from the table just a few inches right in front of your nose. It’s an obvious signal that they want you to pay-up and leave. In conclusion, the manager and her crew today embodied a wild hurried horde of utterly untaught individuals. To me, this is unacceptable behavior and, hence, upturned my usually non-judgmental attitude.

  • By Fred Crowder - Posted on: June 6, 2013

    Went to the Beaverton, OR IHOP on 158th and Waler Roads this morning around 630AM. There were onlt 2 customers in the restaurant at that time. I waited in he lobby waiting for someone to wait on me for nearly 7-8 minutes. I finally keft as someone (maybe an employee came fro outside into the kitchen area). I was getting into my truck where a waitress came out and asked if I was going to order. I said no thanks for her not waiting on me in a timely period. She just threw up her arms in discuss. I have been to this same restaurant several times and it seems like the staff at that time always seem to be "BSing" to the cooks and not paying attention to customers

  • By RD - Posted on: June 4, 2013

    Why doesn't IHOP offer GLUTEN FREE pancakes????

  • By wont go back - Posted on: June 30, 2013

    There were 4 adults and 2 children in our party. The Waitress was every rude from the beginning not giving one of our guest an option of what type of drink to order, she brought back what she wanted to and told us how in what order to place our order. After she was told she was rude we asked her not to come back, well she sent a waiter over and guess what he was her son. He was just as bad, we then asked for the manager, no help at all! By this time the kids were nervous at the table. Finally we got a very nice waitress who took our order and the assistant manager was a jewel. When we told her what happened she was in disbelief. What the rude workers didn't know was one of our guest had just had surgery, and was already in pain well after that he couldn't eat because he was so upset. The kids with us were so nervous they thought the waitress and her son were going to provoke us more. Thank God we had just left church and had some God in us. The assistant manager did take care of us but IHOP should not have those type of workers. I know everyone needs a job so maybe they need more training in customer service. this was the college drive location in Baton Rouge Louisiana.

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